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Petzl: Work Solutions Departments

Petzl builds NFPA, OSHA & ANSI approved rope and harness gear for professionals working in demanding environments.
Ski Lift Evacuation Fire / Urban Rescue Headlamps Event Rigging
"Petzl's passion is the exploration of the natural world in one of it's most radical dimensions: vertically. It all started in the 1930's when Fernand Petzl, a metal worker and pioneer of cave exploration, discovered his vocation as an inventor and put it to use in realizing his dreams.
Since then, imagination and experience have never ceased their dialouge, and have come together in an incredible series of technical "firsts": The first device for protecting rappel descents, the first climbing harnesses, the first headlamps with the battery case carried on the head.
Vector, Axis and Parallel Static Rope
and Lifelines from Petzl
Rescue ropes and lifelines are relied upon for consistent performance and the Vector line of Lifelines from Petzl is manufactured using a proprietary Fusion Process™ to ensure a firm, yet supple hand, zero sheath slippage, and resistance to "ovalizing" or flattening of the rope.
 Learn more about Petzl Vector Lifelines
Today in the field of vertical exploration, PETZL's innovations accompany the most extreme achievements, underground, above ground, on water, on rock or on ice.
Petzl stimulates its imagination to create products guided by the quest for safety, for functionality, for a balance between lightwieght and comfort, but also for simplicity in use."
Paul Petzl, President
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