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** NOTICE: Unfortunately Patroller Supply is un-able to provide rescue beacons from Ortovox at this time while we work out issues with our distributor network. It is not the quality of the Ortovox products that is in question. **
Ortovox started developing avalanche transceivers and rescue beacons in 1980 with the introduction of the analog Ortovox F1 rescue beacon. The first double frequency rescue beacon used to search for people buried in an avalanche.
In 1994 Ortovox introduced the analog F1 avalanche beacon which quickly became the industry standard rescue beacon and is still the favotite of many backcountry enthusiasts, guides, and ski patrol professionals.
Ortovox has been building industry leading avalanche beacons for over 25 years and their latest rescue beacons the Zoom+, S1+, and 3+ Sensor use groundbreaking digital technology.
Ortovox S1+ avalanche rescue beacon The Ortovox S1+ avalanche victim scanner
New 'Scan and find' 50 meter search strip width
Identifies 4 buried persons (for more than 4 victims a 4+ symbol will appear)
Large display shows positions of all victims and distances

The Ortovox S1+ Digital Avalanche Rescue Beacon is currently un-available
Ortovox Zoom+ avalanche rescue beacon The Ortovox Zoom+ avalanche rescue beacon
40 meter maximum range, 40 meter search strip
Displays number of buried victims, 2 and more
Simple and intuitive, large display indicates distance and direction

The Ortovox Zoom+ Digital Avalanche Rescue Beacon is currently un-available
Ortovox 3+ digital rescue beacon with Recco The Ortovox 3+ avalanche rescue beacon with Recco
Circular range up to 43 meters
Displays number of buried victims, 3 and more, with pinning function
Shows you at a glance if you are getting closer to a signal or moving away from it

The Ortovox 3+ Sensor Digital Avalanche Rescue Beacon is currently un-available
Ortovox Patroller avalanche rescue beacon The Ortovox Patroller rescue beacon
40 meter digital range
Identification of multiple burials
Uses a three (3) antenna system

The Ortovox Patroller Digital Avalanche Rescue Beacon is currently un-available
No transceiver is effective without proper training. Read your owner’s manual, practice thoroughly, carry a shovel and probe, and take an avalanche safety course.
Ortovox Beacons tech advisor tip
Using the audio features for analogue rescue beacons like the F1 Focus and Patroller:
Holding the beacon up to your ear, pointing the back of the beacon towards your search path, and moving slightly left to right with your head and beacon will allow you to HEAR THE VICTIM a bit earlier. This will also allow you to hear MULTIPLE VICTIMS a bit sooner and more clearly. You are still getting the same range as the long antennae works on the major axis in the same manner...this is helpful as we rarely carry earphones..and they are a pain to use.
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Ortovox avalanche beacons
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