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Snow Safety: Avalanche Rescue Beacons and Transceiver Information

Avalanche Beacons, or rescue transceivers, are important for every member of a group venturing into the backcountry. They emit a "beep" via 457kHz radio signal in normal use, but may be switched to receive mode to locate a buried victim up to 60 meters away. Analog receivers provide audible beeps that rescuers interpret to estimate distance to a victim. To be effective, beacons require training and regular practice. Some older model avalanche beacons operated on a different frequency (2.275 kHz) and a group leader should ensure these are no longer in use.
Ortovox avalanche rescue beacons Ortovox:
Zoom+, 3+, S1+ and Patroller Digital Avalanche Rescue Beacons
Pieps avalanche rescue beacons Pieps:
DSP PRO, DSP SPORT & Freeride Digital Rescue Beacons
Recent digital avalanche beacon models now give visual indications of direction and distance to victims and require less practice to be useful. There are also passive transponder devices like the Recco system that can be inserted into equipment, but they require specialized search equipment that might only be found near an organized sports area.
** Mobile phones should be switched off when searching **
Mobile phones can seriously disrupt the ability of an avalanche beacon
to receive a transmitting beacon's signal
Chances of a buried victim being found alive and rescued are increased when everyone in a group is carrying and using standard avalanche equipment, and have trained in how to use it. It is vital that everyone surviving an avalanche is used in an immediate search and rescue operation, rather than waiting for help to arrive.
No transceiver is effective without proper training. Read your owner’s manual, practice thoroughly, carry a shovel and probe, and take an avalanche safety course.
Backcounty Access Checklist:
  • Ensure that all transceivers transmit at 457 kHz
  • The Pieps DSP & Ortovox S1+ can perform a frequency test
  • Beacons can be damaged by an impact so treat them with care
  • Always conduct a trailhead test on the transmit and receive functions of a beacon before heading into the backcountry to be sure battery life is adequate and all systems are working well
  • Wearing a beacon under a layer of clothing like a jacket will make it less likely to be torn off but be sure you can easily access it in an emergency
avalanche beacon and rescue transceiver information
Avalanche Beacons - Pieps DSP SPORT & DSP PRO: DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency
LM-494850 | $382.15
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 Avalanche Beacons - Pieps DSP SPORT & DSP PRO
Avalanche Beacons - Pieps DSP SPORT & DSP PRO: DSP SPORT Digital Avalanche Beacon DSP SPORT Digital Avalanche Beacon
LM-494855 | $291.15
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 Avalanche Beacons - Pieps DSP SPORT & DSP PRO
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