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High performance NFPA / OSHA / ANSI static rope

Professional rescue and industrial workers require high performance static rope to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Demanding commercial applications require OSHA, NFPA or ANSI approved static rope.
We supply static kernmantle construction rope from Sterling Rope, Bluewater Ropes and Petzl that meets these demands. The static rope we stock has been engineered to not only meet required standards, but exceed the minimums in terms of strength, shape retention, handling characteristics, and consistent high performance.
Sterling Rope HTP and SuperStatic static rope and lifeline
Kernmantle static rope from Sterling Rope
5/8 Superstatic static rope from Sterling Rope
  • Very low stretch static rope and lifeline
  • Certified to NFPA 1983, 2006 edition, tagged
  • Less than 4.3% stretch at 10%MBS
  • 7/8" features 44 carrier kernmantle rope construction
  • Multi-use lifeline / rescue / rappel rope
  • SuperStatic ropes feature BetterBraid™ construction with 100% nylon fibers
  • SuperStatic ropes didn't need to be stiff, bulky and difficult to use
  • Flexible but maintains strength required for technical rope work
  • Berry Amendment Compliant. MADE IN THE USA. All materials used in the rope construction are also made in the USA.
  • Sterling Rope incorporates the finest yarns, state of the art machinery, and stringent quality control standards
  • Better Braid Technology™ is Sterling's precision manufacturing and braiding process to ensure you get the best possible rope
  • Higher twist levels make rope easy to handle and deploy
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Smooth tight sheath protects core from dirt and allows rope to run smoothly through gear
  • ThermoDynamic Balancing™ eliminates sheath slippage
Rope - 1/2 Sterling HTP and Superstatic2: 1/2 HTP static rope low stretch 100% polyester 1/2 HTP static rope low stretch 100% polyester ~ 300 feet ~ White
ST-P130000092 | $297.43
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 Sterling Rope
 Rope - 1/2 Sterling HTP and Superstatic2

Rope - 5/8 Sterling NFPA Superstatic2 & 5/8 HTP: 5/8 inch SuperStatic2 static rope 5/8 inch SuperStatic2 static rope ~ 600 feet ~ Black
ST-SS155040183 | $845.57
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 Sterling Rope
 Rope - 5/8 Sterling NFPA Superstatic2 & 5/8 HTP
Bluewater Ropes SafeLine and ArmorTech static rope and lifeline
Static rope from Bluewater Ropes
ArmorTech Technora static rope from Bluewater Ropes
  • Allows personnel to reach a new level in safety and is the premier static rope for rescue and industrial needs
  • Safeline features a durable 16 carrier construction that has a 50/50 ratio of core to sheath for long wear and excellent handling characteristics
  • ArmorTech is a DOUBLE SHEATH static rope featuring a 100% Technora aramid fiber sheath which is high heat resistant with a decomposition temperature of over 900 degrees fahrenheit
  • ArmorTech inner rope is the 3/8" SafeLine static rope model (polyester sheath/ nylon core)
  • The extremely slow thermal transfer rate of the ArmorTech Technora fiber makes this rope ideally suited for confined space inspection or rescue where there exists the possibility of a flash fire or around welding applications where ropes are necessary
  • Slag actually bounces off the ArmorTech rope
  • Constructed by braiding a Technora sheath over a kernmantle rope
  • Custom length swaged end termination lanyards with or without hardware are available upon request
  • UL Classified to meet NFPA 1983/2006 edition for General Use ropes
  • Elongation: @300 lbf. = 3.2% or 3.4%, @ 600 lbf. = 5.4% or 5.6%, @ 1000 lbf. = 7.9%
Rope - BW ArmorTech 10.5mm 7/16 1/2in: 1/2 ArmorTech Technora static rope 1/2 ArmorTech Technora static rope ~ 330 feet
BW-5098100M | $849.03
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 Bluewater Ropes
 Rope - BW ArmorTech 10.5mm 7/16 1/2in

Rope - BW assaultline technora: BW 7/16 Assaultline rope BW 7/16 Assaultline rope ~ 150 feet ~ Black
BW-501715-BK | $133.77
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 Bluewater Ropes
 Rope - BW assaultline technora
 Petzl Vector® static rope, lifeline and rescue cord
Static Vector rope from Petzl
Static Vector rope from Petzl
  • Proprietary Fusion Process kernmantle rope
  • Rated NFPA "E", "L", or "G"
  • Stabilizes the rope's physical properties
  • Secure bond between the sheath and the core
  • Zero sheath slippage
  • Resistance to "ovalizing" or flattening of the rope
  • The same high performance time after time
  • Stays round throughout the life of the rope
  • Good shape retention, handling, and knotability
  • High abrasion resistance and strength
  • Excellent energy absorption capabilities
  • A round rope means prusiks grab better
  • Lowering devices give smoother, more controlled descents
  • Vector® 11 is ideal for use in rope access systems, tower climbing, arborism, and tactical applications
  • Superior handling, shape retention, knotability, and stable performance
  • Block-creel kernmantle construction
  • 100% virgin nylon fiber core
  • Polyester sheath resistance to acids and other chemicals

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