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Industrial Fall Protection Gear and Equipment

Denver domes maintenance person using proper OSHA fall protection safety systemPatroller Supply has been a supplier of industrial fall protection gear and rope access hardware to ski patrol and ski resort maintenance professionals for over 15 years.
Snowbasin gondola evacuation training with proper fall protection safety gearSki patrollers use harnesses, rope, carabiners and other hardware to perform ski lift and gondola maintenance and passenger evacuations in case of a mechanical failure. Evacuations require that the rescuer posess both rope and harness gear and rope access knowledge to assist passengers evacuate to the ground quickly and safely.
The gear and hardware we supply is the best in the industry, proven to perform in the field under stress and adverse weather conditions. Gear designed with quality and comfort in mind for daily use by professionals and always becoming stronger, lighter and less expensive as materials and manufacturing processes grow.
Over the years our business has grown as professionals in other industries requiring fall protection gear, rope access equipment, and certified harness, rope, and hardware products are finding the gear they need here at Patroller Supply.
OSHA / ANSI / NFPA / CE approved, certified, stamped, tagged rope access hardware and fall protection gear: For those with super certification needs visit our Worldwide Certified ANSI/CSA/CE/NFPA Rope Access Gear page.
Las Vegas window maintenance fall protection and rigging gearClick this link to view our list of product categories
Find harnesses, ropes, gloves, ascenders, descenders, carabiners, webbing, slings, helmets, headlamps, pulleys and more quality fall protection gear from manufacturers like Petzl, Yates, Sterling, and Bluewater.
Click this link to view a list of our CERTIFIED PRODUCTS
Many of the products we distribute are designed and tested specifically for fire, rescue, industrial or technical rope work and are certified to testing standards. Common certification standards are NFPA, OSHA, ANSI, CSA, UL, CE, UIAA, MSHA, NIOSH, FEMA, and homeland security and some certifications are physically stamped into the item while other items come with a tag.
ULĀ® Classified NFPA Legend:
T-Technical Use
G-General Use
E-Escape Rope
F.E.-Fire Escape
D.C.D.-Descent Control Device
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