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Rope Access Gear: Aztek Kit Information

Personal mechanical advantage Aztek haul lines  Haul Line Kit Packages
 Aztek Haul Line Kit Information
 Aztek Replacement Parts and Components
 Build A Custom PMA Kit
The AZTEK is a unique multi-function rescue and haul system that utilizes four sewn cord products from Sterling Rope in conjunction with two Omni-Block swivel pulleys from Rock Exotica to create a personal mechanical advantage (PMA) system for an individual or team. Once configured, the system creates either a 5:1 mechanical advantage or a 4:1 with a change of direction.

PMA haul line kits vary in names like set-of-fours, mini MA's, block and tackle, or jiggers. The AZTEK is a popular name for small double-sheave pulleys rigged with 50 feet of 8 mm cordage. AZTEK references the Arizona Technician’s Edge Kit developed by Reed Thorne through his work in Sedona.

The Aztek always comes in some form of a kit and at the very least contains two Omni block double sheave pulleys, one rope pin, one rope cover and four sewn cords. Kits may also include auto locking carabiners with captive eyes, snap hooks, and carrying bags. The Aztek PMA kit has become an industry standard due to its light weight, functionality and usability.
The AZTEK system with it's intrinsic "Set of Fours"
An exceptionally versatile block and tackle haul line kit with unlimited uses:
  • Edge restraint
  • Adjustable directionals
  • Litter rigging and attendant attachments
  • Self rescue or pick off
  • Haul systems
  • Travel restrict
  • Solo pick-off
  • Pre-tensioned back-tie
  • Guying of high directionals
  • High angle attendant tether
  • High angle litter scoops
  • Load-releasing hitch
  • Many, many more....
All aspects of the Aztek system have been optimized to work together smoothly and reliably.

Omni Block double swivel pulleys:
  • Swivels are built-in and the sheaves are ball bearing
  • Conventional beckets and the unwanted increase in length they create are eliminated
  • The rope end is held on the side of an Aztek pulley allowing them to be pulled tightly together in operaton or storage
  • Specialized AZTEK pulleys are machined from a solid block of high strength aluminum
  • Engineered to handle high loads
  • The swivel eye connection eliminates twisting of the rope and can accommodate up to three carabiners
  • The two pulleys are different colors to match up with their attendant Prusiks
  • Each block is a labeled A or B to ensure diferentiation during operation
  • The prusiks are quickly activated with a quick release pin
  • The length of the ratchet and restraint cords is designed for optimal performance
Aztek PMA haul line kit omni block pulley components  ~  Omni Block Swivel Pulleys
 ~  Quick Release Pin
 ~  Rope Cover
Sewn cord components:
  • Edge Restraint cord:
    This piece has two functions. It connects the pulleys for creating the mechanical advantage system. The tail end of this also can be used to clip in away from the edge, then prusiked along it to keep from falling over.
  • Travel Restraint cord:
    The prusik that runs along the tail, so you dont fall over the edge.
  • Two Ratchet sewn cords:
    These two cords are the ratchets/prusiks for capturing progress in the mechanical advantage system. This system gets two, of two different colors so you can tell them apart. Both ratchets are black in the black kits.
Aztek PMA haul line kit rope components  ~  8mm x 50 feet Edge Restraint rope/cord
 ~  6mm x 44 inch Travel Restraint cord
 ~  6mm x 9.5 inch Ratchet cord (light)
 ~  6mm x 9.5 inch Ratchet cord (dark)
Optional accessories to customize a kit:
  • Aztek system bag:
    Adding a bag to carry the system in, like a hip pack or some other type of wearable bag, not just a stuff sack, is useful. The AZTEK system is typically contained in a pouch-style bag that depending on the style either clips around the users waist, clips onto a harness, or straps onto the thigh. This allows the system to be easily transferred from person-to-person.
  • Omni Block pulley Carabiners:
    Adding carabiners to clip on each end of the pulleys make the system easy to install.
  • Edge restraint tail end carabiner:
    Add a locking, maybe even captive eye, carabiner to tie into the tail end for quick anchoring.
  • Edge restraint tail end snap hook:
    Add a locking snap hook to tie into the tail end for anchoring for super versatile and quick anchoring.
Aztek Elite haul line kit options  ~  Three SafeD NFPA 2-stage Twistlock carabiners
 ~  Sterling Aztek bag w/hip strap
Aztek Elite tactical black haul line kit options  ~  Three black Rock D 3-stage autolocking carabiners
Custom Aztek haul line kit options  ~  Rigging Utility Pouch w/waist strap
 ~  Black Aztek bag w/waist strap
Custom PRO Aztek haul line kit options  ~  Two SafeD NFPA 3-stage Autolock carabiners
 ~  One ISC triple action autolocking snap hook
 ~  Rigging Utility Pouch w/waist strap
Custom PRO Aztek tactical black haul line kit options  ~  Two black Rock D 3-stage autolocking carabiners
 ~  One Tango lever action autolocking snap hook
 ~  Aztek PRO bag with leg or backpack strap
Additional information:
The progress capture ratchet prusik can be attached at either end (orange to orange, or blue to blue).

The progress capture prusiks are laced onto the restraint cord and then formed into a directional prusik hitch (3 on 2), which prevents the inadvertent loss of the prusik once assembled.

The set of two Omni Block pulleys are different colors for ease of identification. In the black sets both Omni Blocks are black and are labeled as 1 and 2.

One rope cover and one quick pin is included with each set of blocks.
Additional pins may be purchased if needed or if one wished to hold a spare in the opposite block.

General Technical Field Results Information: (Note: Official results may vary)
 Slippage on ratchet prusik at approx 17 to 18kN
 Slipped again @ 20kN and did not slip anymore
 System failed at 40.42kN
 4 inch slippage of prusik

The pulley failed at the "becket" where the 8mm sewn eye attaches and also broke the pin. Ratchet was fused to 8mm Edge Restraint cord. The MBS on the 6mm ratchet is 12.9kN so we were getting close to the ratchet limit. It was great to see the system go to 40kN.

Patroller Supply features several standard AZTEK kits:
 Sterling Rope Aztek Elite kit (Pulleys, cords, bag, 3 biners)
 Sterling Rope Aztek Elite Tactical Black kit (Pulleys, cords, no bag, 3 biners)
 Patroller Supply Custom Aztek kit (Pulleys, cords, multi use bag)
 Patroller Supply Custom Tactical Black Aztek kit (Pulleys, cords, bag)
 Patroller Supply Custom PRO Aztek kit (Pulleys, cords, multi use bag, 2 biners, 1 snap hook)
 Patroller Supply Custom PRO Tactical Black Aztek kit (Pulleys, cords, bag, 2 biners, 1 snap hook)

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