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The resources section is provided by Patroller Supply as tool that will provide a source for valid and tested company and product information in the professional rescue industry as well as all industries requiring OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, CSA & ISO 9002 approved fall-protection safety equipment.
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Product Information Document Library
 ANSI z359.1 2007 & 2009 review Email
 CMI catalog #41; 2013 Email
 ISC D4 Belay device cut sheet Email
 Liberty Mountain 2015 Professional Catalog Email
 Petzl AVAO Sit & Sit Fast Harness C79 Email
 Petzl GriGri 2 Email
 Petzl Pro Traxion 2014 part# P51 A Email
 Petzl sales sheet ABSORBICA L57 Tear webbing energy absorber Email
 Petzl sales sheet ABSORBICA-Y MGO L70150 YM Energy absorber with integrated double lanyard and MGO connector Email
 Petzl sales sheet ALVEO BEST A20B Lightweight helmet for work at height and rescue Email
 Petzl sales sheet ALVEO VENT A20V Ventilated helmet for work at height and rescue Email
 Petzl sales sheet ANNEAU C40 Webbing loop Email
 Petzl sales sheet ASAP® B71 Mobile fall arrest device for rope Email
 Petzl sales sheet ASAP SORBER L71 Energy absorber with integrated lanyard for ASAP Email
 Petzl sales sheet ASCENSION B17W RA/LA Handled ascender: right- and left-handed versions Email
 Petzl sales sheet ASCENTREE B19 WAA Double-handled arborist Email
 Petzl sales sheet BUCKET S41Y Arborist rope bag Email
 Petzl sales sheet CONNEXION C42 Anchor Straps: Fixe, Vario, and Fast Email
 Petzl sales sheet CORDEX K52/K53 Lightweight belay/rappel gloves Email
 Petzl sales sheet CROLL B16 AAA Ventral rope clamp Email
 Petzl sales sheet ECLIPSE S03Y Clever storage cube for throw-cord Email
 Petzl sales sheet EXO D30 015B personal escape system Email
 Petzl sales sheet EXO EASHOOK D30015 CN Individual evacuation system with anchor hook Email
 Petzl sales sheet EXO EASHOOK D30015 CNN black Individual Evacuation System Email
 Petzl sales sheet FALCON ASCENT C38 BAA Seat harness efficient for rope ascents Email
 Petzl sales sheet FALCON C38 AAA Lightweight seat harness for rescue Email
 Petzl sales sheet FIXE P05W Versatile compact pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet GEMINI P66A Lightweight double Prusik pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet GRILLON L52 A/H/M 003 Adjustable lanyard for work positioning Email
 Petzl sales sheet GRILLON L52A Temporary horizontal lifeline Email
 Petzl sales sheet ID L D20OL Self-braking descender with anti-panic function for rescue Email
 Petzl sales sheet ID S D20OSO Self-braking descender with anti-panic function for working on fixed ropes Email
 Petzl sales sheet JOKO-I L36I Lanyard for pulley in adventure parks Email
 Petzl sales sheet JOKO-Y L36Y Progression lanyard for adventure parks Email
 Petzl sales sheet KOOTENAY P67 Knot-passing pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet MICRO TRAXION P53 Very efficient ultralight progress capture pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet MICROCENDER B54 Compact and lightweight rope clamp Email
 Petzl sales sheet MINDER P60A Highly efficient Prusik pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet MINI P59A Lightweight Prusik pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet MOBILE P03A Versatile compact pulley  Email
 Petzl sales sheet OXAN M72 SL, SLN, TL, TLA,TLN Steel symmetric locking carabiner Email
 Petzl sales sheet PANJI C28 Adventure park harness Email
 Petzl sales sheet PANTIN B02A LA/RA Foot ascender: left and right foot versions Email
 Petzl sales sheet PARTNER P52A Highly efficient ultra-compact pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet PAW P63 Rigging plate Email
 Petzl sales sheet PERSONNEL 15 L S44Y Durable small-capacity bag Email
 Petzl sales sheet PORTAGE 30 L S43Y Durable medium-capacity bag Email
 Petzl sales sheet PRO TRAXION P51 Very efficient progress capture pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet RESCUCENDER B50 Cam-loaded rope clamp Email
 Petzl sales sheet RESCUE P50A High strength, high efficiency pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet RIG D21A, D21AN Compact self-braking descender for work on a rope Email
 Petzl sales sheet ROLL MODULE P49 Articulated protector with rollers Email
 Petzl sales sheet ROPE BUCKET R41 Foam-lined rope bag Email
 Petzl sales sheet ROPE BUCKET XL R41XL Extra-large foam-lined rope bag Email
 Petzl sales sheet SECUR C74 Shoulder straps for positioning the CROLL rope clamp Email
 Petzl sales sheet SET CATERPILLAR P68 Articulated protector, edge roller Email
 Petzl sales sheet SHUNT B03 Back-up rope clamp Email
 Petzl sales sheet SUMMIT U13 Classic modern mountaineering ice axe Email
 Petzl sales sheet SWIVEL P58 Swivel Email
 Petzl sales sheet TIBLOC B01 Emergency rope clamp Email
 Petzl sales sheet TOP C81000 Chest harness for seat harness Email
 Petzl sales sheet TRAC P24A No-drop pulley for Tyrolean traverses Email
 Petzl sales sheet TRAC PLUS P24D No-drop pulley for long Tyrolean traverses Email
 Petzl sales sheet TRANSPORT 45 L S42Y Durable large-capacity bag Email
 Petzl sales sheet TREESBEE SCREWLINK C04110 M False crotch for arborists Email
 Petzl sales sheet TWIN P65A Highly efficient double Prusik pulley Email
 Petzl sales sheet VECTOR 11 mm R11 Low-stretch rope designed for difficult to access environments and for fall protection Email
 Petzl sales sheet VECTOR 12.5 mm R12 Low-stretch rope for fire rescue teams Email
 Petzl sales sheet VERTEX BEST DUO LED 14 Comfortable helmet with integrated hybrid lighting Email
 Petzl sales sheet VERTEX BEST A10B Comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue Email
 Petzl sales sheet VERTEX VENT A10V Comfortable ventilated helmet for work at height and rescue Email
 Petzl sales sheet VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK M40 WLB Progression carabiner Email
 Petzl sales sheet VIZIR A15 Protective visor for VERTEX and ALVEO helmets Email
 Petzl sales sheet VULCAN M73 SL, M73 SLN, M73 TL, M73 TLA/TLN High-strength steel locking carabiner Email
 Summary of changes from the 2013 recalled version (D22) into the current 2014 ZIGZAG D22A Email
 Rock Exotica Aztek haul line kit complete full P.M.A assembly instructions  Email
 Rock Exotica Enforcer Recording a Dynamic Event - Tutorial Email
 The 2012 Sterling Rope Safety, Rescue and Tactical catalog Email
 Specialized rope, lanyard, pulley and hardware built for arborists and made by Sterling Rope in the U.S.A. Email
 Sterling Rope ATS instructions for use Email
 Sterling Rope F4 Descender instructions Email
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