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Fall protection safety gear Made in the USA

NFPA, OSHA and ANSI rated rope, harness safety rescue equipment and gear made in the USA Is it possible to manufacturer high quality rope, harness and hardware products here in the US and make a profit? It sure is!
There are hundreds of small US based businesses that manufacture high performance products used by professionals throughout the world.
Patroller Supply does its best to market products from these companies and provide them at competitive prices.
When a customer purchases a product made by one of our manufactureres in the USA this directly relates to creating jobs here in the US and paying those workers fair wages.
There are no politics, politicians or foreign policies needed when I vote to support US workers in this manner.
A few reasons to buy products made in the USA:
  • Support American manufacturers, American workers, safe working conditions and child labor laws
  • Once manufacturing jobs move out of the USA they rarely return
  • Manufacturing processes in the USA are generally cleaner and more environmentally friendlier
  • Purchasing an American made product helps keep the world a little cleaner for our children
  • Products made in the USA pay workers an honest day's wages for an honest day's work
  • Buying American made items contributes to American independence
  • Foreign product safety standards can be low or non-existant. Some countries allow poisonous levels of lead into items shipped to the USA like toys and cookware
  • Some factories and money have shifted to countries not friendly to the USA or democracy
Brands we carry manufacturing the majority and in some cases all of their items in the US:
Bluewater Ropes made in the USA Omega Pacific made in the USA Conterra made in the USA Junkin made in the USA
Yates gear made in the USA   Rock Exotica made in the USA   SAM Medical Products made in the USA   SMC gear made in the USA
Sterling Rope made in the USA Voile made in the USA Colorado Mountain Industries made in the USA
CMC items made in the USA
These brands manufacture some of their items in the US:
Petzl items made in the USA The AMD and Williams carabiners, some headlamps and the Vector rope.
A large portion of the performance headlamps & rope are BERRY AMENDMENT compliant.
New England Rope items made in the USA The fibers are made in Europe and the rope is assembled in the USA.
Metolious items made in the USA Ladders, personal anchor systems and harnesses.
Elk river items made in the USA Harnesses, zorbers, twin lanyards.
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