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Great service with knowledgeable staff. Got a discount for the place I work at. OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
Tristan V. from Thornton, CO
The request for quote system is great, I can place an order then talk to someone to make sure I have the correct equipment we need.
Jd A. from Diller, NE
Thank you, we'll be ordering again as the need arises. Found you via web search, and I like your website. Easy to navigate, and not all cluttered up with useless information.
Dave D. from Minot, ND
I love the gear from you guys, especially my Longbow Ranger Pack. My field of Wilderness EMS and SAR is very demanding on gear.
Brandon M. from Edgewater, FL
Great place. These guys rock! Sales staff is excellent!!
Rich P. from Denver, CO
They have everything one might need for adventure rec equipment and are able to ship FAST. The prices are the best I've seen on most items and the staff are motivated and knowledgeable.
Ian I. from Petaluma, CA
Hi Steve, Got the Goods yesterday. Just want to thank you for your awesome's a bit scary dealing with someone in another country for the first time, but you made it easy. Thanks for your great service.
Jon W. from Christchurch, South Island
New Zealand
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