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Request for Quote (RFQ) program

The Request For Quote system allows to provide you with a bid when certain conditions may allow better pricing for the order.
Common reasons to submit a RFQ:

  • Bulk and DISTRIBUTOR discounts may be available for large quantity orders
  • Pre-Order items can be ordered thru our RFQ system
  • Check availability before placing a large quantity order to confirm delivery dates
  • Your company requires a search for the lowest price in writing / e-mail before ordering
  • To prepare a bid for a government agency, municipality or large corporation
  • Your order will be tax exempt
  • We encourage networking and offer discounts for large orders to industry leaders
  • We will look for the best shipping rate for heavy or bulky items like rope spools
  • We will find the best Next or Second Day shipping rates for expedited rush orders
  • We will quote accurate International shipping rates
  • We can provide Nafta Certificate of Origin or HS tariff codes for most items
  • Our goal is to give industry professionals the best pricing possible
  • Our Petzl partnership allows us to offer super pricing to industry professionals
Add items to your shopping cart then click one of the Request A Quote links to submit the request instead of placing an order which requires payment.
The items in the shopping cart will be added to a new Request for Quote
and you do not need to pay for the items at this time.
We will review the RFQ and adjust the quote to give you the best possible
pricing and shipping rates then contact you.

 If you have registered with us to receive pro-form pricing,
    click this link to log in so the RFQ will use the pro-form pricing rates.

 If you have ordered from us before,
    click this link to log in and retrieve your account information and pricing level.

 If you are a new customer
    browse the website for items you would like then 'Add the items to the shopping cart'.
    When you have added all the items you are interested in to the cart system, click one of
    the 'Sumbit a Request For Quote' links.

We sometimes make items manufacturers are preparing to release available for Pre-Ordering. Since these items are not yet available to ship we prefer not to take a payment so pre-orders must be placed using our Request For Quote (RFQ) system.
If you would like to order items in addition to a pre-order item, an order and a pre-order RFQ must be submitted. Remove any pre-order items from your current order then submit and pay for the items that are available. Re-visit our store and add the pre-order items to a new cart then submit the pre-order item as a RFQ.
We will ship the items that are available and notify you when the pre-order items become available. We will verify you still want any pre-order items before we ship them.


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