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Products: Rope - Caving 9mm
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Edelweiss 9mm Kernmantle Caving Rope

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Price: $389.95 $352.90 on sale Buy the Edelweiss LM-443413 9mm Kernmantle Caving Rope 443413
The Edelweiss LM-443413 9mm Kernmantle Caving Rope 443413 for sale
  Weight:  26.8 lbs. (12 KG)
  Material:  Nylon
  Manufacturer:  Edelweiss
  Part # 443413 
Edelweiss LM-443413 9mm Kernmantle Caving Rope 443413 product details:  Kernmantle Caving Rope made completely from nylon
Designed to take up to a factor one fall
High strength rope but still allows a little stretch
Treated with Everdry
Great for cavers, canyoneers, and climbers
CE certified
Email the 9mm Kernmantle Caving Rope: Rope - Caving 9mm  Email the 9mm Kernmantle Caving Rope item details
These ropes WILL stretch a little to allow them to absorb a fall. Also available in 11mm and in 150 , 200, 300 foot lengths. Black color in 11mm versions is available. Call for details
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