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Conterra I.V. AD-Wrap Kit

Price: $29.00 $26.39 on sale Buy the Conterra CO-IVW1 I.V. AD-Wrap Kit IVW1
The Conterra CO-IVW1 I.V. AD-Wrap Kit IVW1 for sale
  Weight:  6 ounces (168 grams)
  Material:  Washable cordura nylon
  Manufacturer:  Conterra
  Part # IVW1
Made in the USA The Conterra CO-IVW1 I.V. AD-Wrap Kit IVW1 is made in the USA
Conterra CO-IVW1 I.V. AD-Wrap Kit IVW1 product details:  Our I.V. Ad-Wrap attaches to our I.V. Kit (sold above) and organizes everything you need to start and maintain a line, and/or draw bloods
separate pockets for blood tubes, mini drip lines, maxi drip lines, catheters, Betadine wipes, alcohol wipes,
Email the I.V. AD-Wrap Kit: Medical Bags & Organizers<$50  Email the I.V. AD-Wrap Kit item details
All pockets open inward and have elastic keepers above them for security. Once a line has been started, tear away the Ad Wrap from the I.V. Kit and package the kit with the patient. can also be rolled up and used alone
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