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Products: Lanyards - Twin leg- Absorber
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Yates Tower Bypass Lanyard

YA-325 ~ 34 inchQuantity: 
Price: $150.00 $136.50 on sale Buy the Yates YA-325 Tower Bypass Lanyard 325
The Yates YA-325 Tower Bypass Lanyard 325 for sale
  Weight:  1.9 lbs. (840 grams)
  Material:  Aluminum Rebar dbl lock hooks
  Manufacturer:  Yates
  Part # 325
Made in the USA The Yates YA-325 Tower Bypass Lanyard 325 is made in the USA
Certifications: ANSI Z359.1-1992
Yates YA-325 Tower Bypass Lanyard 325 product details:  Bypass Lanyard
No shock absorber
Not designed to withstand a fall distance over 6ft or inches
ANSI approved, Strength 5000 lbf.
For climbing or bypassing while climbing towers or ladder systems
22.24 kN rated strength for the Yates YA-325 Tower Bypass Lanyard 325 Rated strength: 22.24 kN (≈ 5000 lbs.)
Email the Tower Bypass Lanyard: Lanyards - Twin leg- Absorber  Email the Tower Bypass Lanyard item details
High quality Tower Bypass Lanyard manufactured from heavy duty 1 inch webbing.

Aluminum snap and aluminum ladder hooks.

Easy to operate double locking snap hooks are located at each end of the strap.

The new aluminum snap hooks meet 3600 lbf. (15kN) side load gate strength requirements of ANSI Z359.12-2009 standard.

Large 2 1/2" opening ladder snap hook is forged from aluminum.

The extra large hook will open to 2.5 inches to accommodate any ladder rung.

The small hook is attached to the users belt or harness D ring.

34 inches in length.
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