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Petzl Set Roll Module

Price: $349.95 Buy the Petzl PT-P49 Set Roll Module P49
The Petzl PT-P49 Set Roll Module P49 for sale
  Weight:  3.3 lbs. (1.5 KG)
  Material:  Aluminum alloy rollers / Steel frame
  Manufacturer:  Petzl
  Part # P49
Made in France The Petzl PT-P49 Set Roll Module P49 is made in France
  EAN: 3342540013889
Petzl PT-P49 Set Roll Module P49 product details:  Protection system with vertical and horizontal rollers to guide a running rope with a minimum of rubbing
Supplied in kit form : 4 modules + 8 maillons for assembly + carrying pouch
Modules connected by maillons to follow the shape of the edge
Email the Set Roll Module: Edge Roller & Protector Pads  Email the Set Roll Module item details
Unique rope protection from rock and falling object impacts with box containment design. Staff favorite. Individual replacement units available
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