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CMC Rescue Born Entry Ease

Price: $230.00 $209.30 on sale Buy the CMC Rescue RT-249105225 Born Entry Ease 249105225
The CMC Rescue RT-249105225 Born Entry Ease 249105225 for sale
  Weight:  4.4 lbs. (2 KG)
  Material:  Stainless steel
  Manufacturer:  CMC Rescue
  Part # 249105225 
CMC Rescue RT-249105225 Born Entry Ease 249105225 product details:  CMC Born Entry Ease
It fits entries as small as 18 inches ,46 cm, in diameter and also works on railings, pipes, ladder rungs, or other surfaces with high friction or that may damage a lifeline
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The patent-pending Entry-Ease changes the edge of a manhole into a smooth surface that a person or stretcher can slide over.

The stainless steel Entry-Ease may be your only option in a location with low overhead clearance.
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