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Brooks Range Backcountry snow study kit

Price: $57.45 $52.28 on sale Buy the Brooks Range LM-436560 Backcountry snow study kit 436560
The Brooks Range LM-436560 Backcountry snow study kit 436560 for sale
  Weight:  8 ounces (224 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Brooks Range
  Part # 436560 
  UPC: 812678024154
Brooks Range LM-436560 Backcountry snow study kit 436560 product details:  The Basic Snow Study Kit by BROOKS RANGE includes all the essentials for quick evaluation of the snowpack
Folding magnifier for viewing snow crystal forms
Slope meter fast measurement of slope angle
Email the Backcountry snow study kit: Avalanche - Snow Science  Email the Backcountry snow study kit item details
A 200cm Folding Ruler
Folding magnifier x 10
The Brooks-Range Pocket Snow Study Pouch for compact storage.

Includes the FieldBook #311 allows you to write under any condition regardless of how wet or cold; the Snow Crystal Card list guidelines for performing snow test and provides the grids for examining snow crystals
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