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Products: Rope - 1/2 Sterling HTP and Superstatic2
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Sterling Rope 1/2 inch SuperStatic2 w/sewn Eye & thimble

ST-SS125SEWNEYE ~ 200 feet ~ WhiteQuantity: 
Price: $249.95 $219.90 on sale Buy the Sterling Rope ST-SS125SEWNEYE 1/2 inch SuperStatic2 w/sewn Eye & thimble SS125SE
The Sterling Rope ST-SS125SEWNEYE 1/2 inch SuperStatic2 w/sewn Eye & thimble SS125SE for sale
  Weight:  15.8 lbs. (7.1 KG)
  Material:  100% Nylon
  Manufacturer:  Sterling Rope
  Part # SS125SE 
Certifications: NFPA 1983, 2012 General use
Sterling Rope ST-SS125SEWNEYE 1/2 inch SuperStatic2 w/sewn Eye & thimble SS125SE product details:  Superstatic 2 very low stretch static Kernmantle rope
A multi-use rescue/rappel rope
Ideal for rope access, technical rescue, rigging and tactical operations
Exceptional handling
Super durable static rope
ONE sewn eye with thimble
35 kN rated strength for the Sterling Rope ST-SS125SEWNEYE 1/2 inch SuperStatic2 w/sewn Eye & thimble SS125SE Rated strength: 35 kN (≈ 7868 lbs.)
Email the 1/2 inch SuperStatic2 w/sewn Eye & thimble: Rope - 1/2 Sterling HTP and Superstatic2  Email the 1/2 inch SuperStatic2 w/sewn Eye & thimble item details
Sterling’s SuperStatic2™ ropes are 100% nylon and engineered to have a better handling and superior durability. These ropes excel in many applications, including rope access, technical rescue, rigging, and tactical operations.

SuperStatic2 ropes are designed with a high denier, tight and durable sheath to reduce stiffness and to be compatible with gear. The Better Braid Technology allows Sterling to manufacture ropes with optimal sheath coverage, using more individual sheath yarns to enhance handling and durability, and have the same mass than some 16-carrier static ropes. This gives Sterling ropes better durability and enhanced handling characteristics.

Engineered to the highest standards, SuperStatic2 ropes are tested, proven and trusted by top instructors, rescue personnel, and rope technicians worldwide.

SterlingA balanced construction and higher twist levels in the sheath make this rope easy to handle while maintaining our trademark durability. Compatible with most ascending or rappelling devices. Great for rigging anchors.

Less than 5.0% stretch at 10%MBS
  • 100% Nylon kernmantle construction
  • ThermoDynamic Balancing™ eliminates sheath slippage
  • Smooth tight sheath protects core from dirt and allows rope to run smoothly through gear
  • Easy to knot
  • Ropes will stay round, and have optimal elongation when loaded
  • Provides exceptional handling and durability
  • Strong, resilient cores
  • A perfect balance of strength, proper elongation
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Higher twist levels make rope easy to handle and deploy
  • Better Braid Technology™ is Sterling’s precision manufacturing and braiding process to ensure you get the best possible rope
  • Sterling Rope incorporates the finest yarns, state of the art machinery, and stringent quality control standards
Meets requirements for NSN-4020

Berry Amendment Compliant. MADE IN THE USA.

Other SuperStatic2 rope diameters:
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 SuperStatic2 rope: 7/16"
 SuperStatic2 rope: 1/2"
 SuperStatic2 rope: 5/8"

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* Tracer color and style may vary
* Lengths greater than 150 feet will most likely come packaged on a spool
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