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Products: Avalanche Beacons - Pieps DSP SPORT & DSP PRO
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Pieps DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency

Price: $419.95 $382.15 on sale Buy the Pieps LM-494850 DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency 494850
The Pieps LM-494850 DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency 494850 for sale
  Weight:  7.1 ounces (198 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Pieps
  Part # 494850 
  EAN: 9120029062115
Pieps LM-494850 DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency 494850 product details:  PIEPS DSP PRO digital avalanche transceiver beacon
Scan & mark function supports multiple burial scenarios
Large LCD screen
Third dimension/Antennae
50 meter search strip width
Outstanding Range:Searching 60 Meters in all orientations
Email the DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency: Avalanche Beacons - Pieps DSP SPORT & DSP PRO  Email the DSP PRO Digital transceiver 457Khz frequency item details
The PIEPS DSP PRO is the successor to the legendary PIEPS DSP and ideal support for all mountaineering professionals.

With a smart transmitter that auto-adjusts the sending antenna to give searching beacons the best signal, a huge 60-meter circular range, and mark and scan function for multiple burial scenarios, the PIEPS DSP PRO Avalanche Beacon has all the cutting-edge features pros need.

This is the 2013-14 Pieps beacon that works with the TX600 transmit only device which is on a slightly different frequency ( replacing the Pieps DSP In this capacity )

457 kHz frequency EN 300718

The PIEPS DSP PRO is a patented 3 antenna avalanche rescue transceiver beacon with integrated Mark and Scan function for the easiest use for companion rescue.
Searcher can 'MARK' the signal of first burial. Once 'MARKED' the first signal is now suppressed and the PIEPS DSP PRO beacon will automatically search for the second strongest signal and so on.
The current firmware on the DSP PRO with improved scan function does the SCAN more than 2 times faster than the older ones ( 5.0 firmware ). During the SCAN an increased bandwidth of ±500 Hz is used. A detection of defective beacons is done by displaying a flashing '500' after the scan. In this case the actual bandwidth used is maintained at ±500 Hz.
The Pieps DSP PRO has an unrivaled outstanding digital range. Our professional users are getting best case / best victim antennae alignment range pick ups at 74+ meters on the new 8.2 Firmware update. Just amazing as this is equal to the analogue beacon ranges for first signal pick up. We will also run a full diagnostic on your beacon.
The Pieps DSP PRO utilizes the current 8.2 Firmware that works with both the PIEPS TX600 doggie beacon and the PIEPS BACKUP beacon. SEND ONLY BEACONS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS ON 2017.
YES, the DSP PRO works with the PIEPS TX600 Transmitters separate 457.600 Khz frequency.
The DSP PRO includes the SCAN feature and works with the TX600.
PIEPS DSP Technical Data
SystemDigital 3 antenna
Transmission frequencyInternational standard 457 kHz (EN 300718)
Power supply3 x AAA Alkaline batteries
Battery lifetime400 hour minimum in send mode
Maximum range60 meters, circular
Search strip width60 meters, circular
Earphone socketStereo 3.5mm, 32 Ohm
Temperature range-4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)
Weight7.2 ounces (200 grams) including batteries
Dimensions115 x 75 x 28mm
Warranty2 year manufacturer warranty
Certification and Compliance
ManufacturerPieps GmbH
Country of manufactureAustria


Outstanding circular digital range: All around in all directions!
Ranges previously only known from analog beacons are reached now for the first time by the PIEPS DSP (DSP= Digital Signal Processor) using digital filter technology.
One of the main targets of the PIEPS development team was to achieve a best possible 'useful range'. All other beacons available on the market feature a more or less elliptical receiver range, that means a different range in different orientation of the receiver antenna in relation to the position of the transmitter. (best range with antennas 'face to face', worst range usually if antennas are angled by 90°). Furthermore the international standard for avalanche beacons EN 300718 allows a frequency deviation of the transmitted signal of +/- 80 Hz. In the case of most other receivers, a decrease of range is the result.
  • The PIEPS DSP is optimized in terms of 'circular receiver range' (same range in all antenna orientations) and constant receiver range over the whole frequency range.
3-antenna system:
The PIEPS DSP was the first avalanche beacon using a 3-antenna system!
  • The three dimensional system works especially well in the near proximity in deep burial situations
  • Eliminates the influence of the inclined flux lines
  • Extremely accurate locating irrespective of the position and depth of the buried person!
  • The PIEPS DSP allows exact pinpointing independent of the antenna-orientation and burial depth
  • Only one maxima is indicated corresponding to the point of lowest distance reading
  • Any confusion in the stressful situation in the event of an avalanche search has been eliminated by the unique operating technique of the DSP. This means saving valuable time!
SMART transmitter technology:
The smart transmitter is using a receiver simultaneously in order to detect signals of other beacons nearby. Transmitter signals are synchronized in relation to others and are transmitted right in between the signals of other beacons.
  • No more signal overlapping!
  • The smart transmitter is a great advantage in case of multiple burial search!
  • Faster and even more accurate location of avalanche victims by using the smart transmitter!
Two different transmitters A(blue) and B(light blue) are received by the receiver (purple) like one single signal. Because of the different periods of the signals, A and B periodical interference can be initiated. A clear signal isolation of the received signals will no longer be possible because of possible modulation and annihilation.
Transmitter signal A of the smart transmitter is synchronized and positioned in between the signals of transmitter B in order to avoid signal overlap!
Innovative SCAN, MARK, and MASK functions for multiple burial scenarios:
The optimized multiple search, the absolute highlight of the PIEPS DSP, is based on a signal separation by the Digital Signal Processor (DSP).
  • If there are multiple burials, this is clearly indicated by the number of matchstick men.
  • Once the position of the first victim has been located, the unit should be kept still and the MARK button pressed for approx. 3 seconds
  • This signal is now "masked" and the successful "masking" is confirmed by a frame around the symbol
  • The PIEPS DSP then begins its search for the next strongest signal automatically and the search can now be continued as needed
In the case of multible burials, an overlap of the signals of two or more beacons might occur. In addition to that some older analog beacons are sending a weak continuous signal between the pulsing main signals.
Because of the different characteristics of the signal formats, the sometimes signals can not be physically separated and therefore “masking” of signals can be delayed. However, in principle the “masking” of signals works and thereby considerably reduces the search time in the event of a multiple victim search.
iPROBE Support: The DSP can be temporarily deactivated by the iPROBE:
The PIEPS iPROBE Carbon avalanche probe is an avalanche probe with integrated digital technology. It provides a hit and proximity reading for every standard beacon transmitter and enables a brief deactivation of the detected transmitter (for transceivers with iPROBE support).
When the tip of the probe is about 2 meters from the transmitting beacon, the first acoustic signal is given (Piep_Piep) and the LED lights up. At a distance of about 50 cm a continuous sound (Piiiiiiiiiep) is emitted and the LED remains continuously on.
If the transmitting beacon supports the iPROBE function, the rescuer can deactivate it by pressing the MARK button (on the probe handle). By pressing the MARK button again for a longer time or by removing the iPROBE tip from the vicinity of the transmitting beacon (>50 cm), the deactivated transmitting beacon is activated once more.
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