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SKED SKED Evac Tripod 10ft.

Price: $1,750.00 Buy the SKED RT-620510 SKED Evac Tripod 10ft. 620510
The SKED RT-620510 SKED Evac Tripod 10ft. 620510 for sale
  Weight:  71 lbs. (31.8 KG)
  Manufacturer:  SKED
  Part # 620510 
Certifications: NFPA Light OSHA single person
SKED RT-620510 SKED Evac Tripod 10ft. 620510 product details:  SKED EVAC TRIPOD 10 ft.
Extends to 9.9 ft. at the three anchors at the head
Anchors, header, and legs are interconnected w/ 1/2in. stainless steel bolts for high strength
Full extension 119in. strength is 5,280 lbf.
SKEDco part#SK-700
Email the SKED Evac Tripod 10ft.: Tripods, Winches & Backboards  Email the SKED Evac Tripod 10ft. item details
At 98in. height strength is 9,500 lbf.

** Notice: strength is lower as height is increased.
Legs adjustable in 5" increments.

WLL at 9.9 ft.: 528 lbs.
WLL at 8.1 ft.: 950 lbs.
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