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Rescue Tech Aluminum Stretcher Trailer

Price: $1,775.00 Buy the Rescue Tech RT-620350 Aluminum Stretcher Trailer 620350
The Rescue Tech RT-620350 Aluminum Stretcher Trailer 620350 for sale
  Weight:  71 lbs. (31.8 KG)
  Manufacturer:  Rescue Tech
  Part # 620350 
Rescue Tech RT-620350 Aluminum Stretcher Trailer 620350 product details:  It allows the rescuer to move heavy loads over great distances with minor effort or fatigue
The rescuer arrives at the scene of the accident without requiring a rest period before starting to perform the rescue
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The trailer disassembles compactly for ease of storage and can be reassembled in a matter of 3 minutes.
The trailer is outfitted with ATV wheels and hubs to resist punctures and provide traction, the tires filled to low pressure to provide a very comfortable ride.

The weight of the wheels and hubs provides a lower center of gravity, making it far less apt to tip, even when the wheels are assembled on the inside of the frame.
The Litter Trailer may be assembled with the wheels attached either inside or outside the frame, allowing the trailer to fit through narrow areas when required.
The Tee Handle allows all rescuers to face forward and push a load, without twisting and possibly straining in order to maintain control.
All of the weight of the load is balanced over the wheels at a comfortable carrying height.

Four heavy clamps with hooks allow Rescue Stretchers to be easily attached to the Trailer in seconds. The Trailer is powder coated with nylon to protect skin contact in extreme cold temperatures and to provide maximum durability. Reflective tape helps to illuminate the trailer at night.

If this unit is going to be towed by anything but 'people power', the ATV kit is required. This ATV kit consists of: 2 wheel strut stabilizers, 2 wheel fenders, 1 ATV hitch with 1 7/8 ball receiver, safety chains, and all applicable nuts, bolts and washers to assemble the unit.

Ground Clearance: 21inches
Length: 72inches
Width: 27in. or 40inches
Weight: 71 lbs.
Load Limit: 600 lbs.
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