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Various Grand Trunk Roatan hammock

LM-371964 ~ BlueQuantity: 
Price: $69.99 Buy the Various LM-371964 Grand Trunk Roatan hammock 371964
The Various LM-371964 Grand Trunk Roatan hammock 371964 for sale
  Weight:  4 lbs. (1.8 KG)
  Material:  Cotton
  Manufacturer:  Various
  Part # 371964 
  UPC: 892902000307
Various LM-371964 Grand Trunk Roatan hammock 371964 product details:  The cushiest and softest hammock
Comfortable woven cotton material
Easy to set up and transport
Includes a small stuff sack
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Simply put a hammock will create a totally comfortable space to relax in the middle of anywhere.

Over rocks, uneven ground, water, thistle, ants, swamp, forest, concrete or suspended in the breeze between two trees overlooking low rolling hills leading to the blue ocean a mile away.

The riggers have it figured out by setting up right under the stage.

* Always be aware of the lateral pressures created by setting up a hammock.
A 120° angle between rope anchor points and the centered weight will create the same force on each leg so a 170 lb. person sitting in the hammock will create 170 lbs. of pressure on each anchor point. By setting up the hammock closer to a horizontal position much more pressure on each leg is generated. I have moved decking and roof supports in the past so I am more careful now.

Just got to use my new hammock three times on a coastal central California trip. Its comfy.
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