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Products: Arborist - Petzl Zigzag D22 MICROFLIP JET Zillon
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Petzl ZIGZAG : Mechanical Prusik for arborists 2014

Price: $279.95 Buy the Petzl PT-D22A ZIGZAG : Mechanical Prusik for arborists 2014 D22A
The Petzl PT-D22A ZIGZAG : Mechanical Prusik for arborists 2014 D22A for sale
  Weight:  13 ounces (363 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Petzl
  Part # D22A
Made in France The Petzl PT-D22A ZIGZAG : Mechanical Prusik for arborists 2014 D22A is made in France
  EAN: 3342540099098
Petzl PT-D22A ZIGZAG : Mechanical Prusik for arborists 2014 D22A product details:  The 2014 ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik for arborists
Allows the user efficient movement in a tree
Perfect with classic Prusik pulley system techniques
Linked rings provide precision & fluidity
Ball bearing mounted pulley takes slack up easily
Email the ZIGZAG : Mechanical Prusik for arborists 2014: Arborist - Petzl Zigzag D22 MICROFLIP JET Zillon  Email the ZIGZAG : Mechanical Prusik for arborists 2014 item details
The new 2014 ZigZag mechanical prusik for arborists from Petzl is a smooth operator.

The re-designed ZigZag mechanical prusik allows the user to move around efficiently in a tree using classic prusik pulley system techniques and the linked rings provide precision and fluidity when moving around.

The 2014 ZIGZAG has been re-designed, Read about the upgrades in this .pdf.
The pulley is mounted on ball bearings to allow the slack to be taken up easily.

The device is released by simply pressing on the release lever.
When the lever is released, the device jams again.

Here is a really cool video of the ZigZag in action:
  • Rope access technique identical to classic prusik pulley system
  • Release lever mounted on spring for great precision when jamming/releasing the device
  • Varying the pressure on this lever controls the speed of the descent
  • Friction links provide progressive braking action for fluidity when moving around
  • Pulley mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow slack to be taken up easily
  • Swivel always keeps the device in position for better rope glide through the device
  • Steel construction for improved durability
  • Upper connection point for easily connecting the directional on a double rope
  • For use only on double ropes
  • Depending on the techniques used, the ZigZag can be left in place on the rope to save time on the next use
  • For use with EN 1891 11.5 to 13 mm in diameter rope
  • When cutting, the ZigZag can be used to secure and stabilize the arborist, without changing the setup that is used for movement within the tree
  • Installed on a rope of sufficient length, the ZigZag mechanical prusik can function as an emergency evacuation system

The ZigZag provides a simple work system:
  • The work rope is not carried by the arborist while climbing
  • The rope length, necessary for the work phase and the descent, is verified during access setup
  • The rope joining knots, placed at the top, ensure no knot passing in case of emergency descent, or rescue
* NOTE: Without an access rope left in place during the work phase, the possibilities of aid or rescue by the ground person are reduced.

As the rope slides through the ZigZag (ascent or descent) the rope also slides around the anchor and rope glide is effected. If rope glide is slowed by friction in the anchor, or on branches, movement will be less fluid.

* FAQ's regarding the ZigZag’s performance have come up at the TCI Show
  • Q: Does the ZIGZAG allow the rope to slip at high loads?
    A: Yes, the rope slips at high loads. It allows to absorb the energy in case of dynamic loading.
  • Q: If yes, what might a 11.5mm and a 13mm rope slip at when subjected to static pull tests?
    A: When subjected to a 4kN static pull test during 3 minutes, the rope slips less than 200mm in the device (on both 11.5mm and 13mm ropes).
  • Q: Does the ZIGZAG have a maximum impact force if subjected to dynamic loading on 11.5mm and 13mm rope?
    A: The impact force of a 0.4m fall is lower than 6 kN for a 100kg user and lower than 8 kN for a 140kg user.
  • Q: Why is the minimum diameter rope set at 11.5mm for use with the ZIGZAG?
    A: Because with rope lower than 11.5mm, we lose the precision and fluidity you have with diameter rope between 11.5mm and 13mm. With rope lower than 11.5mm, we also do not answer anymore to the previous requirements (static and dynamic test).
  • Q: Is there a minimum breaking strength of the ZIGZAG if the rope is knotted behind it's sheave and pulled to failure?
    A: There is no failure on the ZIGZAG with a 15kN static strength applied during 3 minutes.
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