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Price: $1,225.80 $1,109.00 on sale Buy the SKYLOTEC SK-TAC-0002 SKYTAC SPEED TAC-0002
  Weight:  2.2 lbs. (986 grams)
  Material:  milled aluminium
  Manufacturer:  SKYLOTEC
  Part # TAC-0002 
Certifications: ANSI z359.1-2007 / CSA Z259.2.1
SKYLOTEC SK-TAC-0002 SKYTAC SPEED TAC-0002 product details:  The SKYTAC SPEED fall arrester from Skylotec rides on a rail systems by the same company
Email the SKYTAC SPEED: Descender - SKYLOTEC Seal pac  Email the SKYTAC SPEED item details
SPEED, the new patented runner for height access systems from SKYLOTEC, is ahead of its time. While work on improving the safety standard EN 353-1 for guided type fall arresters on a rigid anchor line continues, we have solved the problem: With our new runner SPEED.
- The principle behind SPEED is simple:
The security bolt sits hidden in the housing and is protected there from unwanted access. Through an additional locking lever, SPEED works during climbing like a pull-back runner. The runner remains close to the climber and so the fall distance remains short. This creates comfort while climbing and minimizes fall-related injuries.
In the case of failure of the pull-back feature, whether through mistake or unfavorable conditions, the runner can reach only a fixed preset maximum speed. Should the runner exceed this speed, an independently acting second safety feature kicks in: A centrifugal force brake swivels out and the runner blocks.

[1] Doubled guide rollers for resistless climbing over rail joints.

[2] Solid housing of milled aluminium.

[3] Durable rollers of hardened steel with sleeve bearings.

[4] Flexibly moving follower roller for automatic adjustment to various rail thicknesses and a permanent contact pressure.

[5] Redundant release system with pull-back function and centrifugal force control independently working from each other.

[6] Stable snap-fit hook of hardened steel.

[7] Element for damping; energy absorber. The falling impact remains under 6 kN even with drop impact tests with a steel weight.

[8] Self-bolting trilock carabiner.

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