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Products: Swivel - PETZL gated & Rock Exotica
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Rock Exotica NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY!

Price: $56.00 Buy the Rock Exotica RE-S11 NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY! S11
The Rock Exotica RE-S11 NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY! S11 for sale
  Weight:  1.7 ounces (47 grams)
  Material:  Aluminum
  Manufacturer:  Rock Exotica
  Part # S11
Made in the USA The Rock Exotica RE-S11 NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY! S11 is made in the USA
  UPC: 816302020390
Rock Exotica RE-S11 NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY! S11 product details:  MBS: 5175 lbs (23kN)
Working load: 5 kN(1125lb)
High capacity thrust bearing
Compact, low-profile swivel is ideal for special uses where minimum size and weight are required such as wilderness rescue or tactical operations or Stage Rigging
23 kN rated strength for the Rock Exotica RE-S11 NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY! S11 Rated strength: 23 kN (≈ 5171 lbs.)
Email the NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY!: Swivel - PETZL gated & Rock Exotica  Email the NanoSwivel 2.8x1.44in. dimension -TINY! item details

- THE lower opening has a small rubber gasket providing a snug fit with 12mm rod stock diameter or smaller diameter carabiners/connectors. YOU MAY NOT USE 12.7mm or 1/2inch larger rod stock carabiners/connectors on this lower opening.
- The Upper opening accepts ONLY ONE carabiner/connector up to 12.7mm or 1/2inch rod stock with ease and no binding..YOU CANNOT FIT TWO CONNECTORS INTO THIS TOP OPENING
-CARABINER FIT RECOMMENDATIONS: a snug fit on most of the Rock Exotica ROUND RODSTOCK aluminum carabiners( the Pirate being ideal, the ROCK-O is good too, the ROCK-D is not ideal!) along with the Petzl 'OK' oval , Attache , AM'd & William aluminum biner bodies

2.8x1.44in. dimension
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