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Yates GYM

YA-229 ~ Regular ~ Blue / BlackQuantity: 
Price: $74.00 Buy the Yates YA-229 GYM 229
The Yates YA-229 GYM 229 for sale
  Weight:  1.1 lbs. (475 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Yates
  Part # 229
Made in the USA The Yates YA-229 GYM 229 is made in the USA
Yates YA-229 GYM 229 product details:  Function: Climbing Gym, Challenge & Ropes Course use.
Lightweight harness offers extreme versatility. Two sizes, fully adjustable, (Regular & Jr.) Fits both men and women well.
Color: Red & Black or Blue & Black.
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* "New" Light weight "Cam Lock" quick adjust leg and waist buckle option allows harness to be easily adjusted with added security.

* 1 3/4" Webbing waist belt and leg loops.

* Single click drop buckles on back of waist allow leg loops to be dropped, without unthreading any buckles.

* Clip-in point allows for higher center of gravity to reduce inversion during a fall. Waist belt buckle is located forward in front of hip bones.

* Unique "Slot Webbing" Construction reduces weight and bulk while adding strength.

* Patented construction.
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