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Petzl PANJI Harness

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Price: $79.95 Buy the Petzl PT-C28AUA PANJI Harness C28AUA
The Petzl PT-C28AUA PANJI Harness C28AUA for sale
  Weight:  1.1 lbs. (499 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Petzl
  Part # C28AUA
Made in France The Petzl PT-C28AUA PANJI Harness C28AUA is made in France
  EAN: 3342540091191
Certifications: CE EN 12277 Type C
Petzl PT-C28AUA PANJI Harness C28AUA product details:  The Petzl PANJI Harness has been specifically designed for adventure parks but could also be used as an outdoor centre harness. Robust and easy to use, the PANJI adventure park harness is a one size harness covering a very wide range of body sizes
Email the PANJI Harness: Harness - Ropes Course & Medical  Email the PANJI Harness item details
Enter your order as a quote to receive your commercial PETZL DISCOUNT OF 20-25% off of Retail pricing, depending on volume. Good for all Adventure Parks , Zipline operators , and Ropes courses

It is compatible with a wide range of adventure park equipment but works especially well with the latest Petzl JOKO lanyard and TRAC pulley range.

Completely new, chunky alloy DoubleBack buckles that are simple to adjust combined with extra length webbing tails that are easy to hold Fully protected tie in point with excellent abrasion resistance Bi-color webbing for donning and verifications (Outer and Inner different colors) Narrow, stiffened webbing gear loops that are easy to clip but don't dig in Large external blank identification label for personal marking

- Waist 60-110cm (24-43inches)
- Maximum Leg Loops 75cm (29.5inches)

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