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Conterra Clip on EMS / Rescue light

Price: $28.40 $25.84 on sale Buy the Conterra CO-ERL2 Clip on EMS / Rescue light ERL2
The Conterra CO-ERL2 Clip on EMS / Rescue light ERL2 for sale
  Weight:  6 ounces (168 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Conterra
  Part # ERL2
Made in China The Conterra CO-ERL2 Clip on EMS / Rescue light ERL2 is made in China
Conterra CO-ERL2 Clip on EMS / Rescue light ERL2 product details:  Conterra exclusive! We have custom designed this four function light to help rescuers in virtually any situation
The Conterra EMS/Rescue clip on light attaches to virtually anything via its removable clip for use as a head lamp or visor light
Email the Clip on EMS / Rescue light: Flashlights & strobe  Email the Clip on EMS / Rescue light item details
*The specialized electronics inside the light are controllable with a waterproof rubber push button:
*The first push fires a bright red LED bulb for night vision work.
*Two pushes fires the white LED for normal reading.
*Three pushes fires both white and red for lighting a scene or walking a trail.
**A safety feature of this light is brought on line by pushing and holding the button for three seconds, firing off an ultra bright white/red emergency strobe for walking, riding, or identifying a patient scene.

--A truly unique feature of the Conterra EMS / Rescue light is that when the clip is slipped off, a secondary clip allows the light to slide into any pocket and only leave itís 180˚adjustable light stalk on the outside of the pocket, allowing you to read or walk by, or signal on coming traffic etc.
--The push button is completely controllable right through the pocket fabric! This feature not only allows the light to be accessible while clipped inside any uniform pocket, but it can illuminate the inside of any Conterra aid belt , pack or harness.
--Not only is the light stalk adjustable, the lense can also rotate 180˚ for precison aiming.
-The light lasts 20-30 hours on a single replaceable button battery.
-It also has an eight minute auto shut off (except in Emergency strobe mode).
-Comes complete with removable clip, battery and instructions.
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