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Conterra Edgebot terrain roller

Price: $99.00 $90.09 on sale Buy the Conterra CO-CEB1 Edgebot terrain roller CEB1
The Conterra CO-CEB1 Edgebot terrain roller CEB1 for sale
  Weight:  13 ounces (364 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Conterra
  Part # CEB1
Made in the USA The Conterra CO-CEB1 Edgebot terrain roller CEB1 is made in the USA
Conterra CO-CEB1 Edgebot terrain roller CEB1 product details:  The EDGEBOT high efficiency terrain roller
Ultra compact
Simple design packed with features
Uniquely shaped to grip railings, logs, rocks, guard rails, +
Use anywhere that rope friction needs to be addressed
Email the Edgebot terrain roller: Edge Roller & Protector Pads  Email the Edgebot terrain roller item details
The EdgeBot from Conterra is an ultra compact, high efficiency roller that is packed with features.

It is uniquely shaped to work on railings, logs, rocks, guard rails, parapits, or anywhere else that friction needs to be addressed. The EdgeBot can be hobbled down with rope or webbing, hung by carabiners, or even slid along the tracks made by 8mm utility cord.
  • The Edgebot features stainless steel axles
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Aircraft aluminum tires
  • Powder coated sideplates
  • Triangular openings (at center) allow biners to redirect off angled ropes.
  • The underside is curved to work on varied surfaces
  • CRAMPONS help grip on guard rails and parapits


Built in the USA in Conterras' ISO 9001 Certified machine shop
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