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Conterra MCI KIT

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Price: $297.00 $270.27 on sale Buy the Conterra CO-MCI1 MCI KIT MCI1
The Conterra CO-MCI1 MCI KIT MCI1 for sale
  Weight:  7 lbs. (3.1 KG)
  Manufacturer:  Conterra
  Part # MCI1
Made in the USA The Conterra CO-MCI1 MCI KIT MCI1 is made in the USA
Conterra CO-MCI1 MCI KIT MCI1 product details:  Our kit was designed for use by the first responding unit on scene, to set up an early command and triage structure while backup units are on their way
Each kit contains six heavy duty nylon vests in their own labeled compartment
Email the MCI KIT: Disaster / Triage Management  Email the MCI KIT item details
The vests are designed to be put on over bunker gear and helmets, and cinch down tight around the waist.
* They sport large front pockets, pen pouches, Scotchlite tape, and are screened with the following titles: (orange vests) COMMAND, and SAFETY (Blue vests) TRIAGE, TREATMENT, TRANSPORT, and MEDICAL .
* The kit also includes a start triage belt, and has several internal pockets for clipboards, triage tags, flashlights, pens, etc. (ITEMS SOLD SEPERATELY) Designed as a companion to our ICS kit.

>>Put an MCI kit on your rig today!

-NOW AVAILABLE AS AN OPTION WITH THE DELUXE TRIAGE BELT OPTION AT around $300 retail (this is before your pro discount!)

Dimensions: 16"x16"x8"
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