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Larkin Rescue Larkin Rescue Frame

Price: $6,500.00 $5,915.00 on sale Buy the Larkin Rescue RT-900200 Larkin Rescue Frame 900200
The Larkin Rescue RT-900200 Larkin Rescue Frame 900200 for sale
  Weight:  75 lbs. (33.6 KG)
  Material:  High tenacity aluminum alloy
  Manufacturer:  Larkin Rescue
  Part # 900200Made in  Missing flag for country code 36
Larkin Rescue RT-900200 Larkin Rescue Frame 900200 product details:  Aluminum Rescue Frame from Larkin
An uneven tetrahedron
Use as a tripod or a small rooftop derrick crane
For personnel lifting / lowering
The rescue frame swivels on its feet
Set up as a standard tripod or tipped down
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The Larkin Rescue Frame is designed and constructed to give rescue personnel the maximum versatility for the minimum weight and cost.

In any lowering or lifting job the top edge is likely to present problems. The solutions are many and varied but perhaps the most elegant and sophisticated solution is the Larkin Rescue Frame.

Two operators can readily assemble the full size Larkin Rescue Frame in less than TEN Minutes.

Reach over an edge or parapet wall. It is especially useful on horizontal tanks with half walkways. The two feet must be secured to prevent slippage away from the edge when the unit is tipped.
  • Safe Working Load: 600 lbs. (400 kilograms)
  • Dimensions: 8'x 10' (can be set up 1/2 height)
  • Weight: 75 lbs. (40 kilograms)
  • Fits into most basket style stretchers
  • Full size reach is 2.5 meters (Half size 1.2 meters)
  • Constructed of high tenacity aluminum alloy
  • Made in Australia
  • International patents: Australia 624496, US Patent 5,135,119, European 0 395 297, P690 12 875-08
Because of the cunning design of the Larkin Rescue Frame it is possible to place it right at the edge of the drop. Any slippage on a firm surface can be minimized by picking out a small locating hole for each hinge spike. On soft ground the optional soft ground feet can be fitted and a star picket driven through the triangular hole. If for any reason the hinge spike cannot be used the Larkin Rescue Frame is still very stable and any slippage of the base will always be AWAY from the drop.

In addition to its use full size the design of the Larkin Rescue Frame permits it to be assembled half size for use in confined spaces, or where a long reach is not required. It can also be used as a tripod or as an A frame support for tarpaulin or similar.

  • 1 x 2 Section Tension Leg
  • 4 x 2 Section Compression Legs
  • 5 x Joiners
  • 2 x Tension Leg End Fittings
  • 4 x Compression Leg End Fittings
  • 1 x Full Size Hinge Tube (identical to compression leg section)
  • 1 x Half Size Hinge Tube
  • 25 x Linch Pins with bail (including 3 spares)
  • 2 x Apex Pins with Spring Clips
  • 2 x Hinge Channel fitted with spike, hinge pins and spring clips
  • 2 x Hinge Fitting
  • 1 x Transport Pack
  • 2 x Base Plates with 4 Large Spring clips

ETA may be 12+ weeks
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