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Conterra Slider Rope Guard

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Price: $39.00 $35.49 on sale Buy the Conterra CO-CSRG1 Slider Rope Guard CSRG1
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The Conterra CO-CSRG1 Slider Rope Guard CSRG1 for sale
  Weight:  1.2 lbs. (532 grams)
  Material:  SI-Tex fabric
  Manufacturer:  Conterra
  Part # CSRG1
Made in the USA The Conterra CO-CSRG1 Slider Rope Guard CSRG1 is made in the USA
Conterra CO-CSRG1 Slider Rope Guard CSRG1 product details:  An ingenious tool for rope rescue. Thicker and stronger than other brands, the Slider Rope Guard is built from several thicknesses of heavy cotton canvas and SI-Tex fabric
It can be used as an edge guard for rappelling
Fits Main & Belay line
Email the Slider Rope Guard: Edge Roller & Protector Pads  Email the Slider Rope Guard item details
The Conterra CO-CSRG1 Slider Rope Guard CSRG1 for saleAttach a cord to one of it's three rigging points and use it as a "travelling" edge protector for rope rescue (let it travel down with the litter, wrapped around the ropes until it encounters an edge, then just tie off the cord and the edge pro stays put while the litter continues down).

Open size: 10" x 24"
Weight: 590g (19oz)
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