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Yates Fat Sac Haul Bag

Price: $595.00 Buy the Yates YA-750 Fat Sac Haul Bag 750
The Yates YA-750 Fat Sac Haul Bag 750 for sale
  Weight:  8.5 lbs. (3.8 KG)
  Material:  35oz. urethane coated nylon
  Manufacturer:  Yates
  Part # 750
Made in the USA The Yates YA-750 Fat Sac Haul Bag 750 is made in the USA
Yates YA-750 Fat Sac Haul Bag 750 product details:  This material shows exceptional abrasion resistance, and has superior properties with long term UV exposure. Industry leader in white water raft building WING INFLATABLES is contracted to sonically weld and tape the haul bag seam
Email the Fat Sac Haul Bag: Rope & Rigging bags - thimbles  Email the Fat Sac Haul Bag item details
The “Fat Sac” is built to last, it won’t fall apart after your first wall!

*Extra wide 1 1/2” seam insures full strength of weld.
*Double layer ballistic cloth bottom with reinforced drain hole, unique “Easy Clip” attachment on bottom for securing second bag or ledge under main bag.
* Heavy weight Ballistic Cloth River-Bag Style closure with Vinyl reinforced shirt.
* Unique attachment of hauling system using SMC aluminum descending rings allow for easy attachment of daisies for racking gear.
* Removable suspension system uses unique Quick Stick system allowing easy torso height adjustment.
* Deluxe shoulder and waist pads use the same thick die-cut foam as Yates Shield harness.
*Size of bag is designed for most Grade V & Grade VI routes. Inside pocket and attachments for daisies.

** Haul bag dimensions:
- 18.5” Diameter
- 58” circumference
- 32” Height and 18” skirt.
- Volume: 8300 cu. in bag. 11,000 cu. in. with skirt extended fully. The shorter/wider design of this bag allows for much easier access of contents while on the wall!!

Weight 8.5 lbs.
This Bag is the Bomb!!!
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