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Kong GI-GI belay device

Price: $14.95 $12.99 on sale Buy the Kong LM-434826 GI-GI belay device 434826
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The Kong LM-434826 GI-GI belay device 434826 for sale
  Weight:  2.8 ounces (79 grams)
  Material:  Aluminum alloy
  Manufacturer:  Kong
  Part # 434826
Made in Italy The Kong LM-434826 GI-GI belay device 434826 is made in Italy
Certifications: CE
Kong LM-434826 GI-GI belay device 434826 product details:  Perfect for guides, the GiGi has an infinite number of applications. It can be used as both a belay device and emergency ascender
Excellent for crevasse rescue, for lowering heavy loads, or belaying two people at one time
Auto Hitching function
22 kN rated strength for the Kong LM-434826 GI-GI belay device 434826 Rated strength: 22 kN (≈ 4946 lbs.)
Email the GI-GI belay device: Descenders - Eight 8 & Rescue  Email the GI-GI belay device item details
The GiGi is the perfect choice for climbers or alpinists searching for rope management solutions. If you are planning on adding one piece of gear to your rack this year, the GiGi is your ticket. this device is the orginal auto hitching device from before 1990. Before the Petzl Reverso , Black diamond Guide, petzl reverso cubed...ect....
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