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Petzl Reverso Cubed 3

PT-D17 O ~ OrangeQuantity: 
Price: $29.95 Buy the Petzl PT-D17 O Reverso Cubed 3 D17 O
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The Petzl PT-D17 O Reverso Cubed 3 D17 O for sale
  Weight:  4.3 ounces (121 grams)
  Material:  Aluminum alloy
  Manufacturer:  Petzl
  Part # D17 O
Made in Great Britian The Petzl PT-D17 O Reverso Cubed 3 D17 O is made in Great Britian
  EAN: 3342540092945
Petzl PT-D17 O Reverso Cubed 3 D17 O product details:  The new Petzl Reverso 4 is a multi-purpose belay and rappel device that is easy to use
Special asymmetric V-shaped groove friction channels
Self regulated braking friction
The Reverso senses the rope diameter and condition and auto-adjusts
Email the Reverso Cubed 3: Descender - Petzl gri-gri+ ISC D2 Escape  Email the Reverso Cubed 3 item details
REVERSO 3 (that's cubed) belay/rappel device. For those who know the previous model, this is not just a revision - but a completely new version from Petzl.

What you get is a single device for half and single ropes plus all of the versatility the previous Reverso was famous for.

A single belay and rappel device for all rope types
  • Effective braking on twin ropes ≥ 7,5 mm
  • Half ropes ≥ 8,0 mmeffective braking on single ropes ≥ 8,9 mm
  • Can belay the leader, one or two seconding climbers and can be used for rappelling
  • Independent and simultaneous belaying of one or two seconding climbers in Reverso mode
  • Quick change-overs from Reverso mode to belaying the leader when climbing multi-pitch routes
V-shaped friction channels
  • Increased friction on thin ropes
  • Friction is adapted for larger diameter ropes
  • Increased holding power in Reverso mode
Asymmetrically grooved sidewalls
  • Increased braking power during a leader or top rope fall or while rappelling
  • Rope smoothly slides through device when taking up slack
Carabiner hole to release device when loaded in Reverso mode: allows the loaded device in Reverso mode to be easily and gradually released with only a carabiner

Government Numbers:
part# D17C Titanium color , NSN 8465-01-578-7850 , NSLIN DA650N
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