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Conterra PRO-2 CADDY

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Price: $82.00 $74.62 on sale Buy the Conterra CO-O2C2 PRO-2 CADDY O2C2
The Conterra CO-O2C2 PRO-2 CADDY O2C2 for sale
  Weight:  1.4 lbs. (616 grams)
  Material:  Ballistics Nylon, lightly padded
  Manufacturer:  Conterra
  Part # O2C2
Made in the USA The Conterra CO-O2C2 PRO-2 CADDY O2C2 is made in the USA
Conterra CO-O2C2 PRO-2 CADDY O2C2 product details:  Similar to Conterras popular O-2 Caddy, but beefed up to be used outside of a larger protective case. It will still slide into Conterra's larger kits such as the Infinity Jump or Responder IV, but is versatile enough to use on its own
Email the PRO-2 CADDY: Medical Bags & Organizers <$100  Email the PRO-2 CADDY item details
O-2 caddys padded top pocket fits an aluminum or steel 'D' cylinder with regulator in place. Does not hold a Jumbo D or carbon fiber cylinder. The bottom compartment is for storing your basic airway tools. Lightly padded,Black with reflective stripes
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