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MIO Mechanical Tower climbing harness

Price: $245.00 $219.90 on sale Buy the MIO Mechanical MI-2005 Tower climbing harness 2005
The MIO Mechanical MI-2005 Tower climbing harness 2005 for sale
  Weight:  6 lbs. (2.7 KG)
  Manufacturer:  MIO Mechanical
  Part # 2005 
Certifications: ANSI z359.1-2007 & A10.32
MIO Mechanical MI-2005 Tower climbing harness 2005 product details:  Full body padded industrial TOWER CLIMBING harness
Full-size front D-ring
Heavy-duty tongue buckle
Body belt with hip positioning D-rings
Foam back pad
Seat sling with suspension D-rings
A tower climber & maintenance pro favorite
Email the Tower climbing harness: Harness - Tractel - MIO =PADDED FULL BODY  Email the Tower climbing harness item details
Padded full body industrial tower climber harness for tower erection & maintenance. Industrial climbing professionals working with wind turbines, transmission towers, sign placement and many more professions.

The padded harness features a spring-loaded adjuster on the harness shoulder strap. An accessory ring holds a lanyard snaphook when not in use to keep it accessible but out of the way. Multiple accessory hooks on the waist belt are a climbers friend.

This is our best value in a tower climbing harness and a solid foundation for a professional tower climbing gear setup.

Tagged to the following standards
ANSI z359.1 -1992 OSHA compliant to fall protection standards
ANSI A10.32 -2004 OSHA compliant to positioning standards
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