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Sterling Rope: AZTEK haul line kit: Elite pulley kits and systems

NFPA ANSI OSHA Pulleys, swivels, rig plates, snap hooks, carabiners, F4, descenders, descent control devices from Sterling RopeSterling Rope’s AZTEK Elite System is a unique multi-function rescue and haul system. The AZTEK elite system utilizes sewn cord products in conjunction with two Omni-Block swivel pulleys to create a personal mechanical advantage (PMA) system for an individual or team. The AZTEK is contained in a pouch-style bag that clips around the users waist and can easily be transferred from person-to-person.
Once configured, the system creates either a 5:1 mechanical advantage or a 4:1 with a change of direction.
The Sterling AZTEK system is exceptionally versatile and can be used for edge restraint, adjustable directional, high directional guyline, back tie, load release hitch, litter rigging and attendant attachments, self rescue or pick off, haul system and more.
We feature two AZTEK haul line kits:
1) Aztek Elite Complete P.M.A. Kit Sterling Aztek kit omni block pulley components
Sterling Aztek kit complete PMA rope components

 2) Aztek Elite Complete P.M.A. Kit 2 biners+snap hook basic kit + carabiners
Sterling Aztek kit 3 stage locking caribiners and snap hook components
Pulley - Hauler AZTEK system CMC Hauler: Aztek Elite personal mechanical advantage kit Aztek Elite personal mechanical advantage kit
RE-AZKITALL | $263.95
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Pulley - Hauler AZTEK system CMC Hauler: Aztek Elite FULL personal mechanical advantage kit Aztek Elite FULL personal mechanical advantage kit
RE-AZKITALL2X1 | $353.90
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The AZTEK with it's intrinsic "Set of Fours" (4:1 or a 5:1 mechanical advantage) literally has 101 uses....
General Technical Field Results Information (Note: official results may vary)
 Slippage on ratchet prusik at approx 17-18kN
 Slipped again @ 20kN and did not slip anymore
 System failed at 40.42kN
 4inch slippage of prusik

The pulley failed at the "becket" where the 8mm sewn eye attaches and also broke the pin. Ratchet was fused to 8mm Edge Restraint cord. The MBS on the 6mm ratchet is 12.9kN so we were getting close to the ratchet limit. It was great to see the system go to 40kN.
Detailed AZTEK systems part descriptions:
  • Aztek Pulley Set:
    TWO Omni Block Swivel Pulleys: 1 with Pin, 1 with Cover
    Designed from a solid block of high strength aluminum. MBS of 8,000 lbs (36kN) end to end. Double prusik-minding swivel pulleys
  • Aztek Cordage Set: 4 items
    Aztek Elite 8mm Edge Restraint 50' Rope
    Creates a 5:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage when rigged through the two Omni blocks. One end attaches to the pulley with the sewn eye.
    The Edge Restraint connects the pulleys to create the personal mechanical advantage (PMA) system. The tail end can also be used to clip in away from the edge, then prusiked along it to keep from falling over.

    Aztek Elite Ratchet 6mm x 9.5 inch Red colored
    Used as progress capture device on 8mm Edge Restraint cord. These are the ratchets/prusiks for capturing progress in the mechanical advantage system. This system gets two, of two different colors so you can tell them apart.
    Aztek Elite Ratchet 6mm x 9.5 inch Blue colored
    Used as progress capture device on 8mm Edge Restraint cord
    Aztek Travel Restraint 6mm x 44 inch
    The Travel Restraint attaches the rescuer to the Edge Restraint via prusik hitch for use when working near exposure. The prusik will run along the tail, so you dont fall over the edge
  • Rigging Utility Pouch:
    The durable Cordura Rigging Utility Pouch neatly stores all the components
    Velcro keeper for stowing rescue gloves or a jigger pulley system
     Rear loops to a harness with a carabiner, or attached around harness webbing via velcro tunnel/flap.
     Bellows front pocket is designed to hold a full set of Purcell Prusiks and carabiner
     Holster on one side for trauma shears

  • AZTEK 3 stage locking caribiners and snap hook connectors:
    ONE ISC triple action autolocking snap hook on tail end
    ISC's triple action snap hook requires three separate actions to open to ensure safe positioning.
    TWO safeD 3-stage autolocking carabiners with removable captive eye
    The SAFE-D aluminum carabiner features a removable captive-eye pin for secure attachment and proper orientation on the pulley and anchor. Certified NFPA Light Use, MBS of 28kN
    (Made by Rock Exotica and the eye uses a 2mm Allen head set screw)
There are two AZTEK kits available:
 Aztek Elite Complete P.M.A. Kit
 Aztek Elite Complete P.M.A. Kit 2 biners+snap hook

These additional parts and components are available for the system:
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