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Performance Safety Gear Since 2000
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About us
Your source for professional mountain rescue gear and safety equipment. NFPA static rope, dynamic rope, OSHA & ANSI approved rescue harness and safety equipment. We also provide the most innovative products available for work at heights, tower, wind turbine, stage rigging, and rope access workers. Since the year 2000 Patroller Supply has gained over ten years of experience with our product line and the professionals who depend on this gear.
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avalanche rescue gearOur Mission:
Patroller Supply was founded with the intent to bring high performance, reliable gear to professionals who use it every day on the job. Our goal is to stock only products proven to be leaders in their class and eliminate the need for professionals to shop around comparing product features from different manufacturers. The items on the website have been selected because they meet or exceed industry standards for workmanship, durability, and usefulness.
Product Line Growth:
Patroller Supply has seen steady growth over the years as our product line has expanded and our reputation for delivering quality gear continues to grow. It turns out that the same gear ski patrollers and mountain rescue professionals rely on in extreme weather conditions works very well in urban settings for jobs like event rigging, bridge inspection, tower climbing and many more. If your job requires a harness and rope we have gear that will help make your day safer, more comfortable, and utimately more profitable. When your gear works, you can work.
Innovative Business Model:
Over the years Patroller Supply has gained an excellent reputation for providing cutting egde, high performance gear to customers at very competitive prices. We keep our overhead costs down and utilize effective computer software. Through clear communication and streamlined order systems we keep errors to a minimum and the business runs very efficiently.
Flexible Payment Terms:
Patroller Supply offers payment terms to municipalities, government agencies, the military, large corporations, and other customers. This sets us apart from other online internet retailers.
Expert Product Knowledge:static rope for chairlift evacuation
Patroller Supply prides itself on hand-picking each product listed in our catalog. First hand knowledge of each item is standard and we will assist you in assembling a complete package of gear or finding a specialized item perfect for your individual needs. Various people on our staff are SPRAT Level I certified, Confined Space Entry certified, Petzl EXO Dealer certified and competent with OSHA regulations.
Drop Ship Program:
We have partnerships with product manufacturers that allow them to ship items directly from their production facility to our customers. This saves money and expands our product catalog.
  • Instead of manufacturers first shipping items to our warehouse then us making a second shipment to our customers we cut out the second shipment step and pass the savings directly on to our customers. Single shipment savings are very evident on items like spools of rope and all of our rope manufacturers are on board with our drop ship program. This directly contributes to us being a top vendor of Petzl Vector Rope for the USA.
  • Patroller Supply is able to offer an extensive line of unique specialty items we would not normally stock like re-tractable grappling hooks, escape ladders and just about every diameter, strength and color rope out there.
Discount Pricing Program:
Patroller Supply offers a discount pricing program to supply industry professionals with gear at lower 'pro-form' prices generally 10% or more off retail. Professionals in the ski patrol, instructor, rescue, guide, fire, military, search and rescue and other mountaineering and training fields are eligible.
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