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Products: Harness - Recreational Edelweiss ABC
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Petzl Corax Adjustable Harness

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Price: $59.95 Buy the Petzl PT-C51 1B Corax Adjustable Harness C51 1B
The Petzl PT-C51 1B Corax Adjustable Harness C51 1B for sale
  Weight:  1.1 lbs. (490 grams)
  Material:  Polyester webbing, woven polyester mesh
  Manufacturer:  Petzl
  Part # C51 1B 
Certifications: CE, EN 12 277 type C, UIAA 105
Petzl PT-C51 1B Corax Adjustable Harness C51 1B product details:  Multi purpose CORAX harness
Easy to use
Comfortable, lightweight, compact harness
Durable construction
DoubleBack buckles on waist-belt
Mini DoubleBack buckles on the leg loops
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