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Petzl 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Kit

RE-8004 KITQuantity: 
Price: $612.50 $533.90 on sale Buy the Petzl RE-8004 KIT 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Kit 8004 KIT
The Petzl RE-8004 KIT 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Kit 8004 KIT for sale
  Weight:  17 lbs. (7.6 KG)
  Manufacturer:  Petzl
  Part # 8004 KIT 
Certifications: NFPA 1983 (G) General use
Certification stamped into the item or a tag is attached
Petzl RE-8004 KIT 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Kit 8004 KIT product details:  Pre-rigged 4:1 mechanical advantage lifting kit
All equipment for a pig-rig, piggyback, or ganged-on raising system
2 double pulleys
Use for low and high angle rescue
Efficient 4:1 hauling and pulling mechanical advantage system
Email the 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Kit: Pulley - Haulers Petzl Protraxion CMI uplift micro  Email the 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Kit item details
4:1 pre-rigged mechanical advantage haul line and lifting kit with all the necessary equipment needed for a pig-rig (piggyback, ganged-on) raising system or 4:1 pulling kit.

4:1 pre-rigged raising and hauling systems are recognized as the quickest to employ and the most efficient systems used today in standard low and high angle rescue.

Less set up time and training time are required as compared to building mechanical advantage systems on-scene.

Kit includes:
(1) 150 foot 1/2 inch NFPA Petzl Lifeline/Rope (Red or Orange)(Part #PT-1261)(37.50 feet of adjustment in a 4:1 configuration)
(1) Petzl Rescucender
(2) Rock Exotica Double Pulleys with Becket (NFPA-G laser tagged, part #RE-P1 D)
(2) Steel Rock Exotica M31 Three stage Autolock Carabiners ( 1.2 inch gate openings)(Part#RE-M31 TL)
(1) Short Dynamic Prusik, Rated strength: 26 kN (≈ 5845 lbs.) (Sterling sewn prussic , 16 inch, assorted colors. Part #ST-SC080320716)
(1) Quick Link (part# PT-P15 B)
(1) Rope Bag (medium Yates part #YA-468RD)

Visit our Aztek haul line center for detailed information on this 4:1 lifting kit and a complete list of Aztek replacement parts, components, and other 4:1 advantage hauling and 4:1 pulling kits.
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