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Products: Carabiners - Aluminum SCREW GATE 
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Rock Exotica rockD ( screw gate )

Select a color or size optionQuantity: 
Price: $14.00 Buy the Rock Exotica RE-C2 S rockD  ( screw gate ) C2 S
The Rock Exotica RE-C2 S rockD  ( screw gate ) C2 S for sale
   Weight:  2.6 ounces (73 grams)
   Manufacturer:  Rock Exotica
   Part # C2 S
Made in the USA The rockD  ( screw gate ) is made in the USA
   Certifications: CE / UIAA
rockD screw gate
Gate opening: .98in.(24.4 mm)
Breaking Strength: Major axis: 29 kN - Minor axis: 11 kN - Open gate: 9 kN - Inward against sleeve: 6 kN
assorted gate and body colors, AVAILABLE IN BLACK ( expect a 2 week leadtime on black )
29 kN rated strength for the Rock Exotica RE-C2 S rockD  ( screw gate ) C2 S Rated strength: 29 kN (≈ 6519 lbs.)
Email the rockD  ( screw gate ): Carabiners - Aluminum SCREW GATE  Email the rockD ( screw gate ) item details
The Rock Exotica RE-C2 S rockD  ( screw gate ) C2 S for saleCompare to CMC ProTech Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners. save the NFPA tagging fee of $3-4 dollars.
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