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Products: Headlamps - Petzl Tikka XP Tikka+ 
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Petzl ZIPKAČ ultralight 4 LED headlamp

PT-E94 PG ~ GreyQuantity: 
Price: $39.95 $36.35 on sale Buy the Petzl PT-E94 PG ZIPKAČ ultralight 4 LED headlamp E94 PG
1 is in stock and ready to ship
The Petzl PT-E94 PG ZIPKAČ ultralight 4 LED headlamp E94 PG for sale
   Weight:  2.5 ounces (71 grams)
   Manufacturer:  Petzl
   Part # E94 PG 
The new Petzl ZIPKAČ provides close-up lighting
Can be worn on the head or the wrist or wrapped around a pipe
4 LEDs provide long battery life up to 150 hours with comfortable lighting for 24 hours
Super compact and lightweight headlamp
Email the ZIPKAČ ultralight 4 LED headlamp: Headlamps - Petzl Tikka XP Tikka+  Email the ZIPKAČ ultralight 4 LED headlamp item details
The Petzl PT-E94 PG ZIPKAČ ultralight 4 LED headlamp E94 PG for saleThe Petzl ZIPKAČ ultra-compact 4 LED headlamp with retractable cord and three lighting modes.

The headlamp is equipped with the ZIP retractable cord system. This feature allows the headlamp to be worn on the head or wrist, or attached to any other support, like a tent pole, etc.

The ZIPKAČ headlamp is extremely versatile, thanks to its three lighting levels (maximum, economic and strobe), which are accessed with a simple electronic push-button switch. In maximum mode, the four LEDs deliver 40 lumens of light and provide enough light to see over a distance of 29 meters.

In economy mode, the lifetime of the batteries can be extended to up to 120 hours for a long burn-time. The battery compartment is now hinged for easier access along with an easier to use closure system.

Petzl ZIPKAČ headlamp features:
  • Compact, light and comfortable:
    - 25 % more compact than the TIKKA headlamp
    - single compartment contains LEDs and batteries
    - ZIP retractable cord is adjustable
  • Versatile and energy efficient:
    - three lighting modes (maximum, economic and strobe mode)
    - 120 h light duration at economic level
  • Easy to use:
    - electronic push-button switch
    - battery pack is easy to open
    - ADAPT system is quick to mount
  • Three LEDs:
    - 40 lumens (maximum level) shines up to 29 meters
  • Reliable:
    - push-button switch limits inadvertently turning on the lamp during storage
    - ZIP retractable cord is made of Dyneemaź for excellent durability
  • Compatible with lithium batteries:
    - lighter than alkaline batteries
    - better performance at lower temperatures
This headlamp weighs just 69 grams including the batteries.
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