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Petzl Crevasse rescue kit SALE    Use coupon code: CREVRESCUE
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Petzl / Charlet moser Crevasse rescue kit

PT-K25 SC3Quantity: 
Price: $170.00 Buy the Petzl / Charlet moser PT-K25 SC3 Crevasse rescue kit K25 SC3
The Petzl / Charlet moser PT-K25 SC3 Crevasse rescue kit K25 SC3 for sale
   Weight:  1.3 lbs. (585 grams)
   Manufacturer:  Petzl / Charlet moser
   Part # K25 SC3 
  EAN: 3342540095243  
Kit containing :
-2 OK SCREW-LOCK carabiners
-PARTNER pulley
-120 cm ST'ANNEAU sling
The essential kit for glacial travel (whether on foot or ski) for training courses, alpinists, or freeriders
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This kit allow for rapid deployment and use in rescues where someone falls in a crevasse. The case integrates a simple, visual inspection system to quickly verify that you have all its components before you head out on the glacier.

** Weatherproof guide with carabiner attachment hole allows the user to affix it to their harness for quick access during crevasse rescue situations.

** The MINI TRAXION can also be used for self-rescue (ascending the rope) and as a progress capture device for hauling someone out of a crevasse. The cam's angled teeth and self-cleaning slot ensure good grip on icy ropes..

** The OSCILLANTE pulley's side plates rotate allowing for easy and quick installation on the rope. It can be used to reduce the effort needed for a self rescue or in the hauling system. Nylon sheave and aluminum side plate for excellent strength to weight ratio..

** TIBLOC replaces the prussik or rope clamp in a hauling system or replace the self-locking knots in a self-rescue. Its angled teeth and self-cleaning slot ensure good grip on icy ropes.

** The OK SCREW-LOCK oval carabiners are perfect for use with the OSCILLANTE and MINI TRAXION due to their self centering symmetric shape.

** The ST'ANNEAU sling is made from a combination of Dyneema and nylon; it is both supple and abraison resistant. The 120 cm length has multiple uses: foot strap for self-rescue ascending, connect the MINI TRAXION to the anchor, or part of the re-direct in a hauling system.
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