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Products: Rope grabs - Petzl ASAP B71AAA Rescucender 
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Rock Exotica Soloist self belay device

RX-SB1 ~ RedQuantity: 
Price: $114.95 Buy the Rock Exotica RX-SB1 Soloist self belay device SB1
The Rock Exotica RX-SB1 Soloist self belay device SB1 for sale
   Weight:  10.1 ounces (284 grams)
   Material:  Aluminum alloy
   Manufacturer:  Rock Exotica
   Part # SB1
Made in the USA The Soloist self belay device is made in the USA
Self belay device
The one tool for solo climbing
Rope feeds through automatically as the climber advances
Directional cam locks solidly in a fall without rope damage
The Soloist is suitable for lead climbing, top roping, or for rappel
26 kN rated strength for the Rock Exotica RX-SB1 Soloist self belay device SB1 Rated strength: 26 kN (≈ 5845 lbs.)
Email the Soloist self belay device: Rope grabs - Petzl ASAP B71AAA Rescucender  Email the Soloist self belay device item details
The Rock Exotica RX-SB1 Soloist self belay device SB1 for saleThe Soloist is designed to provide, in conjunction with a backup knot, a means of self belay for the solo climber.

A directional cam allows rope to feed through the Soloist automatically as the climber advances, yet locks solidly in a fall, without rope damage. The Soloist self belay device will handle a very hard fall and it is easy to back up.

The classic devices for solo climbing.

The Soloist comes with a detailed instruction manual which must be read and understood before using the device.

*** NOTE:
This is not a device for novice climbers. It requires a strong understanding of advanced rigging techniques. The Soloist must be used with a chest harness because it will not lock when inverted.
Solo climbing is for experts only and requires special skills and acceptance of considerable risk and total responsibility. These devices WILL NOT keep you safe.
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