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Climb Tech Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt

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Price: $140.95 $128.26 on sale Buy the Climb Tech CT-RAF075N Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt RAF075N
The Climb Tech CT-RAF075N Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt RAF075N for sale
  Weight:  8 ounces (224 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Climb Tech
  Part # RAF075N
Made in the USA The Climb Tech CT-RAF075N Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt RAF075N is made in the USA
  EAN: 0606825921676
  UPC: 606825921676
Certifications: ANSI z359.1-2007 / CE EN 795
Certification stamped into the item or a tag is attached
Climb Tech CT-RAF075N Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt RAF075N product details:  Multi-use 3/4 and 1 inch removable anchor bolts
Certified fall protection portable anchorage connector
5,000 and 10,000 lb tensile strengths
Use in concrete
Thimble provides extended wear protection
OSHA 1926.502 & 1910.66 compliant
22 kN rated strength for the Climb Tech CT-RAF075N Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt RAF075N Rated strength: 22 kN (≈ 4946 lbs.)
Email the Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt: Anchors - Removable bolts Climbtech  Email the Removable Fall Protection Anchor Bolt item details
As one of the original innovations from ClimbTech, RB-1011 and RB-1015 anchor bolts are well known for their safety, speed and ease of use. They are widely used because of their versatility as removable fall protection anchors when used in concrete. The 3/4 inch and 1 inch RB anchors do not require costly engineered inserts, and can be placed in horizontal, vertical, or overhead/ceiling surfaces. RB Anchors can be removed and reused at any desired location.

The RB Anchorage Connector is designed for fall protection, restraint, work positioning, personal riding, and more. It can be placed in horizontal surfaces, vertical faces, or even overhead. Users simply drill the proper size hole into their concrete substrate, blow the dust out with compressed air, and insert the unit. When a job is complete, the drilled hole is filled and the anchor is ready to be used again.

Main Cable: 7x19 Galvanized Cable
End Termination: Stainless Steel
Spoons: Stainless Steel
Cleaning Brushing: Zinc plated steel
Return Wire: 1x19 Galvanized Cable
Trigger: Aluminum Alloy
Stop Sleeve: Stainless Steel
Spring: Zinc Plated Spring Steel
Swage: Zinc Plated Copper
Thimble: Colored Powder Coating
This product is designed for use in concrete only

Regulatory Approvals:
Tested: ANSI Z359.1, CE-EN 795

3/4" RB-1015 Safe Working Load: 1,000 lbs / 4.4kN
3/4" RB-1015 Max Capacity: 5,000lbs / 22kN

1" RB-1011 Safe Working Load: 2,000 lbs / 8.8kN; Two person rating
1" RB-1011 Max Capacity: 10,000lbs / 45kN

These anchorage connectors have been tested and certified to meet ANSI Z359.1 and have also acquired CE-EN 795, the European certification.

alt 3/4" p/n: CT-RB-1015 = LM-411085

take 10% off for orders of TEN or MORE.

See the anchors in action:
ClimbTech co-founder Karl Guthrie falls 50ft using a ClimbTech removable anchor bolt
Climbtech Demo; Removable anchor bolt installation
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