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Products: Avalanche Beacons - Pieps Freeride
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Pieps Freeride Avalanche Rescue Beacon Transceiver

Price: $169.95 Buy the Pieps LM-FREERIDE Freeride Avalanche Rescue Beacon Transceiver 495012
The Pieps LM-FREERIDE Freeride Avalanche Rescue Beacon Transceiver 495012 for sale
  Weight:  3.9 ounces (110 grams)
  Material:  457Khz transceiver - Lit LCD
  Manufacturer:  Pieps
  Part # 495012
Made in Austria The Freeride Avalanche Rescue Beacon Transceiver is made in Austria
  UPC: 912002906011
Pieps LM-FREERIDE Freeride Avalanche Rescue Beacon Transceiver 495012 product details:  Pieps FREERIDE digital avalanche transceiver beacon
Sends & receives on the industry standard 457kHz frequency
One AA battery
40 meter range on receive
Light & nicely priced!
Compact design
Multiple victim visual indicator
Email the Freeride Avalanche Rescue Beacon Transceiver: Avalanche Beacons - Pieps Freeride  Email the Freeride Avalanche Rescue Beacon Transceiver item details
The Pieps FREERIDE works with all 457mHz avalanche beacons currently on the market. Meets all of the hourly requirements on send and receive as set by IKAR and the snow safety industry. PIEPS FREERIDE displays battery capacity in %. Symbol announcement for multiple burials. Simple, compact and lightweight single antenna rescue beacon.

Freeride Beacon Overview:
  • Simple and clear operation via a Single antenae
  • Elliptical receiving range up to 40M
  • Dynamic field line guiding & distinct acoustic signals support the search process
  • Multiple victim visual indicator, only the strongest signal is shown on the display
  • LCD display with illumination for poor light conditions
  • iProbe Support: Like the Pieps DSP ( w/5.0 firmware or later) the Freeride can also be deactivated temporarily by the iProbe and the searcher can focus on the next strongest signal!
  • Harness included!
NEW FEATURE-Fallback to transmit / send mode:
  • When activated, the PIEPS FREERIDE avalanche transceiver now has an automatic fallback mode to TRANSMIT when you are in the search mode
  • Default mode from the manufacturer has this feature disabled. ( P0 symbol at startup )
  • You may set this to the following minutes for fallback to transmit / send. 3, 5 or 8 minutes
  • A warning signal is issued before falling back to transmit mode

B) OFF | ON | Switch your PIEPS Freeride from transmit to receive mode by pressing 3 times on the 'Send-Search' switch

C) Send-Mode: Battery level in % indication; flashing arrow

D) Search Mode: Dynamic flux line indication (arrow) Multiple burial indication Distance indication

E) Symbol for '1 victim' within reception zone and symbol for 'multiple burial'. In a case of multiple burials, all signals are processed simultaneously, but only the strongest signal is shown on the display

The arrow on the dynamic field direction display is 100% full so long as the Pieps Freeride is aligned with a field line

PIEPS Freeride - Technical Data
SystemAll digital 1-Antennae System
Transmission frequencyInternational standard 457 kHz
Power supply1 Battery 1.5V, Alkaline (AA), LR6
Battery lifetimeMinimum 200 hours in send/transmit mode
Maximum range40 meters
Temperature range-4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)
Weight4 ounces (110 grams)
Dimensions110 x 58 x 24 mm (LxWxH)
Option packi-Probe-Support
Certification and Compliance
ManufacturerPieps GmbH
Country of manufactureAustria
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