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Products: Carabiners - Omega Pacific Tactical & camo 
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Omega Pacific Inc. Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner

OP-OPTHMS5L ~ BlackQuantity: 
Price: $18.75 $17.06 on sale Buy the Omega Pacific Inc. OP-OPTHMS5L Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner OPTHMS5L
The Omega Pacific Inc. OP-OPTHMS5L Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner OPTHMS5L for sale
  Weight:  4 ounces (112 grams)
  Material:  Aluminum alloy
  Manufacturer:  Omega Pacific Inc.
  Part # OPTHMS5L
Made in the USA The Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner is made in the USA
  UPC: 821273701360
   Certifications: CE
Omega Pacific Inc. OP-OPTHMS5L Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner OPTHMS5L product details:  Side-swing gate provides greater carabiner gate clearance
Larger radius provides smoother rappels
Functions well with Auto-Block belay devices like Petzl Reverso & Kong Gi-Gi
All parts are matte black
23 kN rated strength for the Omega Pacific Inc. OP-OPTHMS5L Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner OPTHMS5L Rated strength: 23 kN (≈ 5171 lbs.)
Email the Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner: Carabiners - Omega Pacific Tactical & camo  Email the Jake Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner item details
Jake is your reliable friend when you are in the air and has set the standard for HMS carabiners.

The Jake features a truly unique side-swing gate which provides an enormous 25mm (.984 inch) gate clearance making working with it incredibly simple and easy.

Other belay carabiners can be loaded on the nose of the carabiner which creates a potentially dangerous situation. The unique shape of the Jake carabiner orients the load in a predictable way every time and always centers your belay/rappel device.

In double-rope rappels, neither strand of rope is pinched on the spine, ensuring a smooth and predictable rappel.

Omega Pacific Jake carabiners feature tapered noses for increased strength and spin rivets for smoother snag-free gate surfaces.

By utilizing an exclusive ISO Cold Forging process, the Jake yields an unbelievable 23kN strength rating yet still weighs only 99 grams.

All carabiners are proof loaded to 1/2 the rated break strength.
Strength ratings:
5175lbs main axis
1800lbs gate open
2250lbs Minor Axis

Available with Screw gate, 2-stage Quik-Lok or 3-Stage Quik-Lok locking mechanisms.

The Jake carabiner body is available in many different colors now. This version is BLACK
Tactical Assault line also available in BLACK or OD green. Available in patterns: Desert Tan, Field Camo, Stone grey, Urban Camo

Also see 1/2inch Mod D for NFPA / UL stamped and tested version in clear finish at the same price.

Alt P/N LM-433330
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