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Life-Link Snow Sense - Avalanche studies guide book

Price: $8.95 Buy the Life-Link LM-753702 Snow Sense - Avalanche studies guide book 753702
The Life-Link LM-753702 Snow Sense - Avalanche studies guide book 753702 for sale
  Weight:  5 ounces (140 grams)
  Manufacturer:  Life-Link
  Part # 753702 
Life-Link LM-753702 Snow Sense - Avalanche studies guide book 753702 product details:  An informal, 114 page hand sized avalanche handbook and guide to evaluate snow and avalanche hazards. Topics include: avalanche hazard evaluation, terrain weather, proper route selection, decision making and avalanche rescue techniques.
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Snow Sense is North America's leading primer on how to avoid getting caught in an avalanche. Written by the experts, Snow Sense focuses on the critical terrain, snowpack, weather, and human factors that allow avalanche accidents to happen. A must-have for anyone who works or plays in avalanche country.

If you travel in the mountains, you understand that knowledge equates to safety. Snow Sense is your source of unparalleled wisdom. It could save your life; Conrad Anker, Professional alpine climber and author

No other (avalanche) teachers have more credibility...Snow Sense is by far the best material available on staying alive in avalanche country; Steve Casimiro, Powder Magazine

Here's a book you should have. I know, I know, everybody says that but this is different...Now notice I didn't say this is a book you should have on your bookshelf. This one should be in the top packet of your pack...Snow Sense is a hands-on, explicit, clear-thinking, hard-hitting field guide...Every time I hear of another avalanche-caused death...I wish the victim had read this book. The survivors must read it; Mark Jenkins, Backpacker Magazine

About the Author:
Jill Fredston and Doug Fesler are among North America's leading avalanche experts. They have spent more than thirty years evaluating avalanche hazard, predicting avalanches, triggering them with explosives, teaching potential victims how to stay alive, and leading rescue efforts in Alaska.

ISBN-10: 061549935X
ISBN-13: 978-0615499352
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