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Products: Descender - Petzl stop gri-gri ISC D2 Escape 
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Kong Indy 'Stop' Descender

Price: $149.95 $136.45 on sale Buy the Kong LM-434446 Indy 'Stop' Descender 434446
The Kong LM-434446 Indy 'Stop' Descender 434446 for sale
   Weight:  13.8 ounces (385 grams)
   Material:  Aluminum alloy
   Manufacturer:  Kong
   Part # 434446
Made in Italy The Indy
   UPC: 802357701482
Favorite with cavers/window washers/tower climbers
-See 'Anthron 'double STOP' Descender as well
-Descender for variable speeds and ease of use with gloves or mitts
-Same action as Petzl 'Stop'
Fits EN 341 A ropes - 10.5-11mm diameter
22 kN rated strength for the Kong LM-434446 Indy 'Stop' Descender 434446 Rated strength: 22 kN (≈ 4946 lbs.)
Email the Indy 'Stop' Descender: Descender - Petzl stop gri-gri  ISC D2 Escape  Email the Indy 'Stop' Descender item details
The Kong LM-434446 Indy 'Stop' Descender 434446 for saleComplete with purchase of FREINO carabine for additional speed control
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