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Products: Harness - Yates Voyager Riggers 380 TR 376 
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Yates Voyager Riggers Harness

Select a color or size optionQuantity: 
Price: $399.00 $359.70 on sale Buy the Yates YA-380R M Voyager  Riggers Harness 380R M
The Yates YA-380R M Voyager  Riggers Harness 380R M for sale
   Weight:  6 lbs. (2.7 KG)
   Manufacturer:  Yates
   Part # 380R M
Made in the USA The Voyager  Riggers Harness is made in the USA
   Certifications: ANSI / CSA / NFPA / OSHA
The Voyager riggers harness in Riggers Black
Versatile harness with multiple attachment points
Wide waist pad for extreme comfort
Large D rings for multiple connections
Email the Voyager  Riggers Harness: Harness - Yates Voyager Riggers 380 TR 376  Email the Voyager Riggers Harness item details
The Yates YA-380R M Voyager  Riggers Harness 380R M for saleThe Voyager riggers harness has become the standard of the professional riggers who needs a versatile harness with multiple attachment points.
  • 5 inch waist pad provides extreme comfort
  • Quickly and easily donned and adjusted by use of camlock buckles
  • Wide leg pads for more comfort
  • Attachment points at waist, hips, chest, back (lumbar), back (dorsal) and shoulders
  • Black haul bag PVC
  • Sternum gear mini rings
  • Riggers Black version
  • All Black hardware on Five D-Rings
  • Large D rings for multiple connections
  • New D-Ring allows the rescuer additional space for multiple connections
  • Reinforced leg padding
Certified to NFPA 1983/2006 ed. standards
Certified to ANSI/OSHA and CAN/CSA full body harness standards
Meets NFPA Class II and Class III Harness Standards

....also see Yates spreader bar item ID #471

Sizes and dimensions:
XL size: Waist = 39 to 50 inches, Height = 5'5 to 7'0 inches
Large size: Waist = 35 to 39 inches, Height = 5'5 to 6'4 inches
Medium size: Waist = 32 to 36 inches, Height = 5'5 to 6'4 inches
Small size: Waist = 28 to 33 inches, Height = 5'4 to 6'0 inches
XS size Waist = 25 to 30 inches, Height = 4'9 to 5'6 inches(call/Email for availablity of this XS size)

Also see Yates rope access version part# YA-387 & YA-387p for grey version
See Blue Voyager Rescue YA-380 for shoulder D-rings version
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